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Former Largest Bitcoin Exchange Market Mt. Gox Files for Bankruptcy

On Friday, Feb. 28, Mt. Gox filed for bankruptcy protection in a Tokyo court. The Mt. Gox exchange stopped trading entirely earlier in the week, on Monday, Feb. 24, and had stopped all withdrawals from the site earlier in the month due to fraud and security issues.   (Related: Mt. Gox Shuts Down, Skeptics Worry… Read More

2014 Oscar Predictions: Best Adapted Original Screenplay

This year, as is the case in every other year, there are 10 screenplays nominated for Oscars. Five in each of the Best Adapted and Best Original categories respectively. 2013 was an especially good year for writing in film, so let’s take a look at the scripts and writers that the Academy has deemed “the… Read More

Editorial: Flying Doctors Nigeria, The First Air Ambulance Service In West Africa

Flying Doctors Nigeria is an air ambulance service in Lagos, Nigeria. Dr. Ola Orekunrin, born to Nigerian parents in England and raised by Caucasian foster parents in Lowestoft, England, founded the service in 2010.   At the young age of 21, Orekunrin made history by becoming one of the youngest medical doctors in England. According… Read More

17-Year-Old Electronic Dance Music DJ, Martin Garrix

In the world of Electronic Dance Music (EDM), DJs are almost god-like. There are DJs who have been at this practice their whole lives with small to large recognition. Now, there are young teenagers who are making a name for themselves in this genre of music and taking over.   Martin Garrix is one of these youthful, musically… Read More

Why Zuckerberg Bought WhatsApp, and What He Plans to Do With It

$19 billion is not pocket change, as a recent Tumblr account was quick to point out shortly after Facebook’s purchase of WhatsApp. According to their math, Zuckerberg could have opted to purchase a colony on Mars, an MMR vaccine for every child on the world, AND the 50 most expensive paintings ever sold. Zuckerberg could also have… Read More

FDA Proposes Big Changes To Nutrition Labels In 20 Years

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is planning to make several changes to nutrition facts labels on consumer packaged foods and beverages. This will be the first major makeover to nutrition labels since 1994 when the FDA started requiring them. The update was unveiled on Thursday by the Obama Administration Officials at a White House… Read More

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer Vetoes Anti-gay Bill

Governor Jan Brewer vetoed a controversial bill on Wednesday that would have allowed business owners to use religion as an ostensible reason to discriminate against gays. According to The Los Angeles Times, Gov. Brewer, a Republican, stated that this bill would cause more harm than good and that the wording within the bill was much… Read More

Mt. Gox Shuts Down, Skeptics Worry and Other Bitcoin Exchanges Take Its Place

The bitcoin business is risky.   Mt. Gox, one of the largest markets for trading the bitcoins, shut down Tuesday morning. The company later announced that they had closed off transactions “in order to protect the site and our users.” Users who had bitcoins in the Mt. Gox exchange were (and still are) unable to access… Read More