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6-Year-Old Vine Star Cousin Terio Perpetrates Image of Ballin’ in Lieu of Self-Edification

  Vine is the app to download for laughs all around. The popular smartphone application is becoming widespread over social media with many re-tweets on Twitter and spin-off Facebook fan pages, such as Best of Vines, Daily Vines, and Funny Vines.   Along with the popularity of the six second videos comes the ever more… Read More

TV Creator Profile: Shonda Rhimes

  Like in film, women are criminally underrepresented on the creative side of television production. Creators, producers, and writers on most major shows, for whatever reason, tend to be men. One major exception is writer/producer/director Shonda Rhimes.   Since beginning her career in the business back in 1995, Rhimes has worked on several of the… Read More

Spring Fashion: 5 Items Every Woman Will Need For the Season

  With warmer days ahead, we finally have the chance to shop must-have pieces and staples that will keep us looking flawless and chic during the Spring and Summer seasons.   Below are some expert tips on five major fashion items every woman should have in their wardrobe this Spring.          … Read More

Aerie’s Unretouched Lingerie Ads the Start of a Beauty Revolution?

  Perfectly flat stomach, no crow’s feet, frown lines, or cellulite; this is the picture of beauty in our society today — a picture of perfection. Most people would agree that advertising companies take Photoshop too far and set unrealistic beauty standards for women. The models plastered on every magazine and billboard have flawless bodies… Read More

Put Spring In Your Step With These Top 10 Sandals For The Season

  Sandals are the best way to show off those spring-inspired pedicures. Sandals are very versatile! You can wear them with your cut-off denim, flared skirt, or flirty sundress. It does not matter what type of look you are going for, there is a sandal out there that will complete your look.   (Related- Women’s… Read More

Why is Hollywood Losing Its Film Prestige?

  Since the early days of film in America, Hollywood has been the central hub of the industry. Nearly all of the major studios are based there, and productions are often done on sound stages in California.   Lately, though, many filmmakers and studios are choosing to make their pictures elsewhere, bringing with them jobs… Read More

Netflix Recommendation: Lost in Translation

  Netflix is a fantastic place for independent cinema to find an audience. For just eight dollars a month, you have access to hundreds of films, many of which are independently produced and have a hard time finding a place in theaters.   One independent film that has been available on Netflix for some time… Read More