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Living Healthy in an 8-5 World: Six Natural Remedies For Your Spring Allergy Symptoms

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  Spring has sprung! The sun is shining; flowers, trees, and grass are all coming back to life — and allergy sufferers are certainly feeling the change of season. Common seasonal allergy symptoms, caused by pollen from the budding trees and other plants, include sneezing; wheezing; runny nose; and itchy, watery, red eyes. Seasonal allergies… Read More

Everything You Need to Know About “Guardians of the Galaxy”

The cast of heroes from Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy

  Since the first Spiderman movie became popular, Marvel Studios has periodically raised the bar on the action and humor in their movies. The comic book-based movie studio truly focused their attention on providing fans with action and humor packed content in their upcoming feature “Guardians of the Galaxy.” The Internet Movie Database synopsis of the movie provides some insights:… Read More

MUIPR Beauty: 5 Easy Ways To Grow Long, Healthy Natural Hair

  You have finally made the decision to wear your natural kinky hair. Congratulations! If you are like some of us, you probably “big chopped,” which means cutting off almost all your hair to start fresh. One big issue some people have with taking this step is concern about future hair growth. You wonder if… Read More

Fashion Trends for Spring: African Print Styles

  Have you decided on what trends you will be sporting this spring? You have a variety of options, ranging from prints and pastels to bold and floral colors.   Another ‘It’ trend we encourage you to consider incorporating into any outfit of your choice this spring is Ankara, African print from West Africa. There… Read More

Film Director Profile: Sofia Coppola

Being the daughter of one of the greatest filmmakers of all time, Sofia Coppola has a lot of pressure to produce good work on each outing she makes. Her family is one of the great cinematic dynasties, and since she began making features herself in 1999, Coppola has proven that she is up there with the… Read More

The Modern Vintage Bride at Ruche

With the new season comes new wedding fashion trends for Spring.   Not only trendy but also universally flattering is the modern vintage trend for weddings. With the evolution of this modern take to the vintage look, it is sometimes hard to identify the best brands for the ultimate vintage chic bride.   Moreover, if you… Read More

Movie Review: Muppets Most Wanted

  “Muppets Most Wanted” had a lot riding on its shoulders — at least compared to other sequels. The success of the last “Muppets” film had given hope to fans that this was a franchise rejuvenated. It was up to “Muppets Most Wanted” to prove that it was not just a fluke. Does it succeed? Mostly,… Read More

MUIPR Beauty: Sephora’s Nude Makeup Options For Spring

  We are loving Sephora’s latest nude trend for Spring. Worn by individuals who prefer to go the natural route, nude makeup is the perfect choice for spring fashion trends like bright colors, florals, and bold print. Nudes that complement your features without overpowering your clothing, also help to set off the colors or patterns of your outfits.   Depending… Read More

Lost Malaysian Plane Sparks Concern for All

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Malaysia Airlines flight 370’s disappearance has left much of the world asking questions about the legitimacy of the Malaysian government as well as, for many Americans at least, the safety and security of airplanes today.   Information released from investigators has created some conspiracy theories concerning the fate of the passengers on the plane. One prominent… Read More

Movie Review: The Hurt Locker

  Watching “The Hurt Locker,” the technical mastery demonstrated by director Kathryn Bigelow is stunning. Bigelow’s films have always been well put together, but this one stands in a league of its own, compared to the rest of her filmography, and really most films that you see in theaters today.   (Related: Director Profile: Kathryn… Read More