Monthly Archives: April 2014

Organic Vs Inorganic: What Should You Buy?

When it comes to food, people always have their preferences and opinions. One of the biggest debates today is whether or not to buy organic foods. As people become more conscious of genetically modified (GMO) and processed foods, supermarkets such as Whole Foods advertise organic, natural foods and have become popular and favorable with many Americans. What exactly… Read More

World Vision: Almost a Model for Change

World Vision is an international organization that gives aid to children in need. They provide water, shelter, health care, education, and relief aid to thousands of people around the world.   They are also a Christian organization whose hiring policy requires that employees adhere to a Christian Statement of Faith. In addition, employees are also… Read More

Skydiving Accident in Arizona Leaves Canadian Woman with Hefty Medical Bills

On April 6, Novia Scotia woman Kenzie Markey went skydiving in Arizona. The 32-year-old thill seeker has had more than enough experience skydiving and has completed over 100 successful jumps. During this trip to Arizona, Markey had already made over 20 jumps in less than a week — until her parachute collapsed, which sent her plummeting to… Read More

Bands to Listen to: Alt-J, Half Moon Run, Alpine

The bands featured this week are indie rock and indie pop that feature sound that are earthy, dreamy, and easy to move along to the beats. The layered, vibrant sounds that these bands share make them perfect to play while you’re trying to get your blood pumping while driving, doing homework, or at a party.  … Read More

Films to Look Forward to at Tribeca


The Tribeca Film Festival has just kicked off in New York City, N.Y., and there are a number of exciting films showing at the festival that movie fans everywhere should be paying attention to.   Tribeca, more than anything else, is known for its documentary exhibitions. This year, one of the hottest docs to play… Read More

2014 FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour Featuring Aloe Blacc

“The World is Ours:” a powerful statement being sung over Brazilian-style beats, and combining the voices of artists from around the world. “The World is Ours,” by Aloe Blacc and David Correy, is the 2014 FIFA World Cup theme song. It is a song celebrating oneness and the coming together of different nations to enjoy… Read More

Neil Patrick Harris’ Improvisation in “Hedwig and the Angry Itch” Causes a Stir

With “How I Met Your Mother” all wrapped up, it will be interesting to see how all our favorite characters keep their careers in full motion. After the finale of “Friends” in 2004, one of the most talked about and a valid concerns was that the characters in the show would haunt the cast for… Read More

NASA’s Kepler Program Discovers The Most Earth-like Planet Yet

In a press conference, NASA announced updates from their Kepler probe program, in which three planets appear to be in the orbital “habitable zone” that could potentially support liquid water. The latest discovery of the Kepler 186f planet is one of the most promising yet.     Other planets that have been discovered in the… Read More