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A Cosmic Controversy: Evidence Of Gravitational Waves Generates Backlash

Imagine yourself immersed in the prelude to creation.   The universe is not. What “is” is hot, dense, shapeless, formless, void — as close to a traditional concept of “nothing” as can be. Then…   The universe explodes into being.   In that micro-instant at the dawn of creation, in that wondrous, incomprehensible cacophony of newly-found existence,… Read More

‘Canada’s Titanic,’ the Empress of Ireland, Commemorated on 100 Year Anniversary

Hollywood has memorialized the ill-fated maiden voyage of the Titanic time and time again. When Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio played the ever-famous Jack and Rose in 1998’s “Titanic,” James Cameron ensured that we all learned a thing or two about the famous ship wreck.   You might not, however, have heard of the equally… Read More

Best looks of 2014 Cannes amfAR Gala

The Foundation for AIDS Research, or amfAR, is a international organization created in 1985 that works hard at fighting HIV/AIDS through scientific research.   Each year amfAR hosts a Cinema Against AIDS black tie gala during the Cannes Film Festival in France with the most famous celebrities. The event raised $35 million this year, a… Read More

Comedy Highlight: “The Beygency”

“Who run the world?” Evidently the answer is Beyonce, the “Queen Bey” herself. The writers on “Saturday Night Live” clearly understand Beyonce’s reign; they devoted an entire hilarious sketch to the beautiful and multi-talented Queen Bey.   Writer Lauren Duca of the Huffington Post claims that “The Beygency” is “the best ‘SNL’ skit of all time.” This may be a bit… Read More

Bands to Listen to: Delta Spirit, Givers, Electric Guest

All three bands this week have an earthy, spiritual vibe. Each band captures a sound that features distinct voices and beats that are easy to listen and move to. These bands are perfect for when you want something to sing and groove along to.   1. Delta Spirit Delta Spirit is an indie band that… Read More

Review: “The Normal Heart,” A Searing Human Drama

There is a scene, late in the running of “The Normal Heart,” where a young medical volunteer named Tommy (Jim Parsons of “The Big Bang Theory”) eulogizes a fallen friend. Standing at the pulpit of a largely empty church, with twilight creeping wanly through the stained-glass windows, Tommy speaks to the motley group of frightened… Read More