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What It Feels Like for a Girl, Supreme Court Sides with Hobby Lobby

Yesterday’s momentous decision by the nation’s highest court to exempt for-profit corporations like Hobby Lobby from federally mandated contraception coverage is yet another reminder that the US government and even our own society does not have women’s backs. Whether citizens want to admit it or not, this verdict does contribute to the culture wars of… Read More

Supreme Court Speaks: Hobby Lobby Exempt from Contraception Mandate

Yesterday, the Supreme Court handed down its much-anticipated decision on Christian craft chain Hobby Lobby’s challenge to the Affordable Care Act. In a narrow 5-4 verdict, the nation’s highest court ruled that closely-held companies, such as Hobby Lobby, may apply for exemptions to federally mandated contraception coverage based on the religious objections of the owners.… Read More

Why Do We Care? Gary Oldman and America’s Demand for Conscientious Celebs

Gary Oldman (

“If only actors didn’t also talk.” So begins Alexandra Petri of the Washington Post, one of many voices to roundly condemn actor Gary Oldman for a bizarre, obscenity-laden rant in Playboy. During the exclusive interview, Oldman, accomplished star of such juggernauts as Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight” trilogy and perhaps the finest character actor working… Read More

Vegan Makeup: How to Transition to Animal Cruelty Free Products

Veganism is primarily focused on consuming an animal-free diet, but if you want to take it one step further, you can also try to eliminate all animal products from your life in general. One good place to start is makeup.   To find out more about vegan makeup, we talked to NYU student, Parisa, who… Read More

Classic 1990’s Top Sitcom, “Seinfeld,” Celebrates 25 Years

“The Soup Nazi,” “The Puffy Shirt,” “The Serenity Now.” If you can’t recognize or recall any of these episode titles, may the TV Gods forever pardon your soul. “Seinfeld” has come to be practically synonymous with the 1990’s; writer and co-creator Larry David struck such television gold with the iconic series that he even went… Read More