Monthly Archives: July 2014

Fashion Matters: Israeli Students Persevere During Gaza–Israel Conflict

There is no immediate end in site for the conflict in the Gaza Strip. NPR cites the death toll at over 1,000, with civilians making up about 73% of the deaths counted. Amidst the violence, citizens are finding beauty wherever they can. At Shenkar College of Engineering and Design , the leading fashion college in… Read More

Opinion: Weighing the Rights and Wrongs in the Ray Rice Aftermath

It is a natural time of year to talk about legacies and role models, as Major League Baseball (MLB) and the National Football League (NFL) host their annual Hall of Fame festivities on back to back weekends. The recently concluded MLB induction ceremonies honored three iconic players – Tom Glavine, Greg Maddux and Frank Thomas… Read More

United States Ranks Low on Energy Efficiency

Energy of all types are vital resources, and our world is ever concerned with ways to obtain more. Since the industrial revolution, our use of fossil fuels has increased to exceptional levels. Everyday in the United States alone, we use over 18 million gallons of petroleum based products. The rate at which we consume seems… Read More

Has the Sexual Image of Nicki Minaj Caused Her Feminist Message to Be Lost?

Nicki Minaj is not known for keeping it quiet. The outspoken, often controversial, female rapper is known for her outlandish outfits, sharp lyrics, and, of course, her body. This past week, Minaj released the cover artwork for her single, “Anaconda.” The artwork features Minaj in a pink bra, and a next to nothing pink thong,… Read More

Students Catch School Shooting on Camera While Filming Music Video

This June, filmmaker James Marcus Haney was creating a music video for Bear’s Den, a three man band from London. Haney wanted to create music video that would perfectly embody their song “Elysium,” so he decided to film his younger brother and his friends in their day-to-day lives in college at Seattle Pacific University, in Seattle.… Read More

Classic Movie Monday: Pulp Fiction

The wacky and haunting world of Quentin Tarantino unravels for one of the first times in this iconic 1994 treasure, “Pulp Fiction.” This film is the quintessential movie of the 90’s, stamped with Tarantino’s signature allure for gore, violence, controversy, and convoluted, overlapping, and time-bending plot-lines. This movie established Tarantino as a dextrous, unconventional, madcap filmmaker, and a very dynamic storyteller to… Read More

Start a Local Food Movement and Become a Locavore

We are a country of consumers. We love our food and can eat basically anything we want, when we want. This includes seasonal fruits and vegetables. Although having the ability to eat seasonal produce year-round is something we can do, it does not mean we should. Becoming a locavore (aka eating locally), can help slow… Read More