Monthly Archives: August 2014

VMAs vs. The Emmys: A Tribute to Robin Williams

The heart wrenching and sudden loss of beloved actor and comedian Robin Williams just a few weeks ago struck a chord in all of us. His passing affected millions and raised awareness about the prevalence and seriousness of the mental disorder that affects an astounding number of our population: depression. When the awards season comes around and there is a death that… Read More

Blast From The Past: Celebs With Star Reality Series

What is that Hollywood pressure that causes celebrities to expose their inner lives on reality television? Today, there’s certainly debate to what extent actual truth is portrayed on these kinds of series, but, nevertheless, celebs continue to sign up for the camera crew to stake its territory in their households. Maybe their version of reality… Read More

Chia Seeds Make Our Hearts Happy — and Our Souls

Chia seeds have gained popularity in the nutrition world for a few years now. Chia seeds are known to provide many nutritional benefits, including antioxidants, fiber, quality protein, and omega-3 fats.   Of course, these little seeds aren’t really something you want to be snacking on by themselves, so instead we have collected a few… Read More

Bands To Listen To: Future Thieves, Sw/mm/ng, Cheers Elephant

The bands featured this week are a combination of psychedelic, indie, and pop rock. They feature unique takes on classic sounds. They are perfect for anytime listening, whether it be driving in the car or hanging out with friends, these bands are sure to bring the good vibes and great tunes.   1. Future Thieves… Read More

Fantasy Football 2014: A Draft Is In the Air

Welcome back, Mr. Insufferable. It’s been a while. Eight months to be exact. The end of August marks many things, the most significant of which is indisputably the return of fantasy football and our fantasy football alter egos.   Unfortunately, fantasy football is not possible without “Fantasy Football Guy,” that obnoxious friend, co-worker or acquaintance… Read More

Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off” Video: Artful or Offensive?

Taylor Swift has done it again! She has released a song that is so remarkably catchy even the hipsters will hate to love it. Swift released the music video for “Shake it Off” last week, and has already topped the Billboard charts and set records. Although some cannot stand the county gone pop singer, it… Read More

Emmy Madness on a Monday: 2014 Award Show Highlights

Give the people what they love. That is what the the Emmy’s were all about this past Monday, Aug. 25.   Well, that’s probably not what everyone wanted; Sunday might have been better suited for the show. Blame American football for eternity. Could the Academy have been so afraid about ratings, that Sunday Night Football… Read More