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Yoga on a Ledge: Does Rachele Brooke Smith’s Recent Yoga Video Give the Practice a Bad Name

After posting a video of herself on the internet last week doing yoga on the ledge of an NYC building, actress and dancer Rachel Brooke Smith has managed to stir up a lot of controversy regarding how the kind of exhibitionist behavior reflected through her video may completely tarnish the name, reputation, and true purpose… Read More

Starbucks Marketing Logics: Get Together Or Buy More Coffee?

Happy day-after-National Coffee Day! Instead of sipping on a basic Pumpkin Spice Latte, our editorial team tried on the researcher role in order to study a new advertising trend.   Starbucks, in particular, has taken on the mission of getting people together. Two of the coffee giant’s latest television spots titled ‘Get Together’ and ‘Are… Read More

BuzzFeed’s “Basics” Push All the Right Buttons

Instagramming one’s self sipping on a Pumpkin Spice Latte while wearing Ugg boots on a hay ride — an unsuspecting victim may believe she’s diving right into all of fall’s glory. What this flannel clad beauty doesn’t realize is how much her basic-ness translates to Internet fodder.   If you type “basic bitch” into a… Read More

The Devil Wears a Helmet: Highlights from a Galactic Paris Fashion Week

Looking forward to the future sounds like a cliche, but it just may be the c’est la vie for the fashion world. Following the 2014 Paris Fashion Week, the commercial world of fashion was forced to say goodbye to some of the greats and look forward to just that — the future. Designer Jean Paul… Read More

Brightening Up Your Smile at Home: 3 Natural Teeth-Whitening Solutions

When your teeth have gone from pearly whites to dull not-so-whites, it might be time to take action. If professional teeth-whitening is not an option, there are several natural solutions that can be extremely effective in removing stains and discoloration from your teeth.   While it’s important to remember that none of these techniques can… Read More

Let’s Hear It For The Men: Entrepreneurs Who Create Opportunities For All Races

urban bound

It can be tough as a young woman in the entrepreneurial sector to hear any man complain about a lack of male leadership. Those gender pay gap discussions in college were directed at us, remember? It’s easy to overlook the sad reality that men of color have to strive even more for a seat at… Read More

Vancouver Pizzeria Has a Not So Secret Ingredient In Their Pizzas

In Vancouver, there is a pizzeria-vapor lounge called Mega Ill, owned by two brothers named Stephen and Mark Klokeid, who are providing customers with a new kind of topping on their pizzas — marijuana.   After dealing with his own illness, Stephen desired to create a place for people to safely medicate. “I think it’s… Read More