Monthly Archives: September 2014

Hot Topics in Health: FDA Issues Warnings to Companies for Marketing Products as Treatments for Ebola

As the Ebola epidemic continues raging on and posing a serious medical threat, the lack of a successful cure remains a huge concern. However, that hasn’t stopped a few companies from claiming their products could treat the virus. This week, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has had to take action against three companies which… Read More

ALS Air Force Veteran Refuses to Stop Living

Everyone remembers the ALS Challenge campaign to raise awareness about the neurodegenerative disease, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. But not everyone knows the stories of the people suffering from this disease and what it does to those afflicted. As it progresses throughout the stages of the disease, it begins to affect the brain and the spinal cord, ultimately… Read More

Corporate Series Spotlight: Twitter Spending Shockers


What’s in a tweet? Copious amounts of spending money, depending on who you ask. Anyone conscious during the social media renaissance recognizes how Twitter blew up the Internet during its launch. Since then, however, its creative innovations haven’t seemed to match that original genius. The company decided to redirect its focus and dollars toward funding… Read More

70-Year-Old Japanese Woman First Recipient of Next Generation Stem Cells

A 70-year-old Japanese woman has become the first recipient to receive stem cells that are derived from induced pluripotent stem cells. This technology will later be able to offer regenerative possibilities for embryo-derived cells. This advancement will be able to offer us these possibilities without any safety concerns. The procedure took place at the Institute… Read More

Healing Scents: 7 Essential Oil Aromas That Can Contribute to Your Health

When it comes to natural remedies, the first things we think of are usually oral solutions or topical treatments, but we rarely consider the role our noses can play in healing. However, various studies on the topic of aromatherapy confirm that your sense of smell could benefit your mind and body in a number of ways,… Read More