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Women Leaders in STEM: Natalie Panek, Rocket Scientist and Adventurer – Part 3

In the third and final part of her interview, rocket scientist Natalie Panek discusses her own struggles as a woman working in a male-dominated field, some of the more positive aspects of being a woman in STEM, and the importance of giving successful women in STEM greater presence in the media. It is Panek’s belief… Read More

Michael Sam Documentary Reminds Us of the Year’s Bravest Moment in PR

Michael Sam Picture

In the last decade, as the public has become more tolerant of homosexuality, gay athletes have found the courage to come out publicly. Despite the widely held beliefs of lifelong football fans, gay NFL players have always been among us. Openly gay NFL players, however, have yet to reveal themselves.   An NFL prospect coming… Read More

Science Life Hacks: Clear Up a Stuffy Nose with Acupressure

There are few feelings more uncomfortable than that of a stuffy nose. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to avoid the onset of congestion, especially during cold winter months. Luckily, there are a number of products out there which boast their utility in relieving congestion and clearing up sinuses. Of course, turning to these products can… Read More

Blogging for Business: How to Generate Awareness with a Company Blog

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Do I Really Need a Blog? Blogs began as online diaries, the daily chronicles of virtual nobodies. As the popularity of blogs increased, the marketing savvy took notice, and blogs slowly transformed into something more. No longer the daily rantings of the self-involved, blogs have matured into thought provoking and inspiring publications for people looking… Read More

Yelp for Business Owners: Popular Review Site Empowers Business Owners

Technology and social media have made informed consumerism a more prevalent part of our society than ever before. Consumers are equipped with a wealth of tools and sources which they can turn to for user-generated ratings of products, restaurants, shopping centers, etc. These tools in turn largely influence the decisions of consumers.   Yelp is… Read More

NFL Week 17 Preview: Putting a Bow (and a Lambeau and Dwayne Bowe) on 2014

Most of us have a few more days of indulgence before we get serious about trimming the holiday fat, but we can get things started with this week’s NFL slate. While Sunday’s schedule is fully loaded and fully bloated (no Thursday, Saturday, or Monday nighters), we can help you push some items off your plate,… Read More

Why Bill Cosby’s Silence Led to His Public Conviction

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The numerous rape allegations lodged at legendary comedian Bill Cosby were compounded by Cosby’s public silence at the height of the scandal. If you’re inclined to follow rules, the don’t say “no comment” rule of crisis communications is a good one to follow. When public figures remain silent during times of crisis, the public has no choice… Read More

Actor Stephen Collins Admits to Child Molestation, But Proves That Wording is Everything

The news of comedy and television icon Bill Cosby’s sexual assault allegations came as a shock to the public. It was hard to imagine that a celebrity who had made a name for himself making audiences laugh and providing kid-friendly entertainment could be involved in such a disturbing scandal. Now, similar news has shaken the… Read More