Monthly Archives: January 2015

West Africa’s leading airline announces sponsorship of MUIPR’s master class at Social Media Week Lagos

Arik Air, West Africa’s leading airline, announced that it is a sponsor of MUIPR’s master class in writing and communication, at the annual Social Media Week conference in Lagos. The event — which is being promoted using the official hashtags #SMWComms and #SMWAfrica — will take place on Thursday, February 26, from 12 to 1:00… Read More

A resolution a day: Replace your New Year’s resolution with daily resolutions

With January coming to an end, it would hardly be a surprise to know that most of us have probably already abandoned our New Year’s resolutions and reverted back to our pre-2015 ways.   The general ineffectiveness of New Year’s resolutions doesn’t mean that we should abandon the notion entirely. On the contrary, making resolutions… Read More

Live streams, instant video, 140 characters of text are the new normal for the social mobile age

Remember when you would deploy 1000 plus words of content in your press releases?   How about when you used to spend copious amounts of money on advertisers and their agencies for prime placement on TV, national newspapers, and magazines?   Those outrageous days of sending all your news to print and utilizing traditional broadcast… Read More

Hot topics in health: New preservation technique can double shelf life of donated tissue

Crisis management is a big part of PR. Unfortunately, PR practitioners don’t usually have the luxury of buying themselves more time to develop a game plan when a crisis hits. Rather, they are forced to react as quickly as possible to address and resolve the issue before matters escalate.   Medical practitioners must address a great… Read More

Snapchat switches gears with new “Discover” platform

Snapchat’s new video platform “Discover” ventures into the familiar territory of video content sharing already available on YouTube, while somehow appearing to be completely new. Media has been buzzing about Discover for months, but it was on Tuesday that Snapchat finally released the new platform.   Big name brands, including CNN, ESPN, and Food Network have… Read More

Women leaders in STEM: Regina Agyare, software developer and social entrepreneur

Growing up in Ghana, Regina Agyare remembers the weight of the expectations placed upon her from an early age.   “Growing up, you were kind of told what you were going to do back then. I was good in math or science, so I was told I was going to be a doctor.”   It’s a… Read More

Is it possible to change deeply rooted public perceptions shaped by gender?

From the way we express our emotions to the language we use in confrontations, men and women have vastly different ways of communicating. The different communication styles are deeply rooted in perceptions shaped by gender, the various ways men and women view the world around them. For those of us in communications, this presents challenges that… Read More

Social media doesn’t cause stress, unless you do it for a living

It’s been a busy week in the world of scientific conjecture. A recent report by the Pew Research Center revealed several key findings about the relationship between stress and social media use. According to the report, which used the “Perceived Stress Scale” questionnaire as its method of gathering evidence, there’s no direct relationship between social… Read More