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#DeflateGate: “Manufactured outrage” or genuine demand for accountability?

Bill Belichick picture

We’re far from closing the book on the #DeflateGate controversy that has gripped the nation since the AFC title game, but we can safely assume that the legacy of the New England Patriots being serial cheaters is firmly in the record books. Whether or not the Patriots are truly cheaters is unclear, but that’s also beside… Read More

Three and a Half Acres: Lara Land’s new non-profit promotes social change through yoga

Yogi Lara Land has made a name for herself teaching yoga in her own studio in Harlem, as well as around the world. For her, yoga’s ability to transform the mind, body, and spirit makes it far more than a physical activity; it makes it a possible force of social change. Land has harnessed this… Read More

Countdown to Super Bowl 49: Four PR lessons we can all learn from deflategate

There is still a football game to be played, right? The national obsession with inflation levels of the New England Patriots’ footballs, and the presumed scandal contained therein, have reached epic levels of mockery and have made it feel unseemly to talk about the actual on-field match-up of Super Bowl XLIX. However, one thing we… Read More

Most noteworthy fashion statements on the runway this season

Runway season has officially begun. As with fashion seasons past, designers and makeup artists are recognizing the public desire to see something fresh. Once again, they are seeking ways to push the envelope and give their audiences what they crave. It’s a task that only gets harder each season, as past runway shows consistently set the… Read More

The thigh gap controversy: Latest Urban Outfitters incident changes conversation on body shaming

Critics of modern society’s obsession with thinness have long attributed the issue to biased marketing and media. Think back to the Target thigh gap Photoshop debacle of last year. While the retailer later came forward to apologize for the incident, this is nevertheless a clear example of how marketers cling to particular body images based on… Read More

Hot topics in health: How Twitter can predict heart disease risk

Social media has transformed our society tremendously. Sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have reshaped communication and the spread of images, information, and ideas. It is a power that has been tapped into by practitioners in a variety of fields, including PR.   A new study from the University of Pennsylvania is now demonstrating how social… Read More

The Influencers: Social media celebrities give brands a boost (for a fee)

Brand words on chalkboard picture

Celebrities pitching products and services is old news. From actors, to rock stars, to athletes, celebrities have always been used to influence consumers. Now, a new breed of celebrity is teaming up with brands to influence the marketplace: The social media celebrity.   There’s a slight difference in the way marketers do business with social… Read More

Chipotle pork crisis: Food chain makes good on corporate responsibility promises

To the delight of Chipotle consumers across the country, the popular Mexican restaurant chain’s carnitas crisis has come and gone.   Chipotle recently announced that it would be pulling carnitas from one-third of its locations because of the substandard living conditions of pigs from its primary supplier. The chain has since remedied the situation, thanks to an… Read More

Women leaders in STEM: Lucianne Walkowicz, astronomer and artist

Last week, Lucianne Walkowicz shared details on the connections she has drawn between astronomy and other parts of her life, like art. Specifically, she discussed how a big part of drawing these connections comes down to building science communication in society. She hopes that using novel methods to making science relatable and approachable to everybody… Read More

Pitching for PR: Is the art of the pitch dead?

Public relations has evolved to include new communications strategies made possible by digital technology. Content, in all its manifestations, is the driving force behind our new way of generating awareness and offering news to the public. No longer reliant solely on journalists to tell our clients’ stories, we can circulate our own news. But does… Read More