Monthly Archives: March 2015

One beautiful campaign: Dove’s #OneBeautifulThought ad campaign makes powerful statement on self-bullying realities

Society talks a lot about the dangers of bullying in its many forms, but there is one kind of bullying that rarely gets the same level of attention as others: self-bullying. While we discuss the negative effects of talking down to and ridiculing others, we have built a focus around bullying that is so heavily concentrated on how… Read More

ISIS targeting U.S. troops at home via social media

War: an ever-changing, ever evolving entity; a constant exercise in the innovation of barbarism. Recently, a new, frightening weapon seems to have emerged in the form of cyber warfare. Last week, “The Islamic State Hacking Division,” which claims an unconfirmed affiliation with ISIS, released the names and personal information of 100 members of the armed… Read More

NCAA men’s final four: Can Kentucky cut down the nets?

Around this time every year, we ask ourselves what we want from our champions. Dominance, vulnerability, freakish talent, scrappiness, quiet confidence, loud bravado, out-of-nowhere Cinderella surprise? We’ve seen all of the above in the NCAA Basketball tournament over the years, and depending on the personalities and institutions involved, we have rooted for and against those… Read More

Organic food company Amy’s Kitchen proves the worth of going the extra mile in crisis communications

When a crisis hits, it is crucial for a brand or company to respond in a prompt, intelligent manner to maintain a positive reputation in the eyes of the public. Even in the realm of positive crisis communications, however, it’s still possible to differentiate between efforts that simply get the job done and approaches that… Read More

Red carpet watch: iHeartRadio Music Awards 2015 Artist of the Year nominees


Tonight, the second annual iHeartRadio Music Awards will be held at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. The awards show will be broadcast live on NBC at 8pm EST, and the event will surely be star-studded.   As fashion junkies, we can’t help but be more excited for the highly anticipated red carpet looks beforehand.… Read More

Going the distance: 5 tips for long distance lovers

It should come as no surprise that long distance relationships can be tough. With the proper preparation and mindset, though, a long distance relationship can be a positive and incredibly rewarding experience. It may even bring a couple closer than they were before the separation.   Just like in PR, for a long distance relationship… Read More

You are your brand: Dolce & Gabbana controversy proves personal opinion equals brand image

In the modern digital age, it can take virtually no time for news and comments to travel around the world. This can be a major benefit when it comes to the rapid circulation of information. Unfortunately, it has the potential to lead to the rapid escalation of controversy, as well.   This was the case recently… Read More

‘Sorry’ is the hardest word: Bud Light apology for St. Patrick’s Day tweet follows trend of redirecting blame

Last week’s St. Patrick’s Day festivities — and the less than glamorous morning after — have come and gone, but Bud Light’s reputation still hasn’t fully recovered in the aftermath of an imprudent St. Paddy’s Day tweet that led to backlash against the brand.   Bud Light’s slogan, “Up For Whatever,” is one that the… Read More