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Opinion: Why I’m giving ‘Gotham’ a second chance

Gotham show logo

It goes without saying that comic book adaptations have become a fairly common. Between “Daredevil,” “The Flash,” and even the upcoming “Suicide Squad,” they have taken over almost every entertainment medium. I don’t think I am alone in my belief that the freshman season of “Gotham” missed the mark by a considerable degree.   As… Read More

New ‘Hearthstone’ expansion is bringing changes on a grand scale

In July, Blizzard started teasing a few of the newest 132 cards that the Hearthstone “Grand Tournament” expansion has to offer. Some of the cards are underwhelming, such as Flame Juggler, which deals one damage to a random enemy minion. However, many of the new cards revolve around buffing the hero power of each class,… Read More

Life found a way: ‘Jurassic World’ sequel announced

Jurassic World logo

“Jurassic World” has become a phenomenon; there really isn’t much more to it than that. Through some spot on casting decisions, capitalization on our 1990’s nostalgia, and a willingness to try something new with a classic franchise, it has gone on to become the third highest grossing movie of all time — roughly $1.542 billion worldwide.… Read More

Will Donald Trump run as a third-party candidate?

Photo of Donald Trump

After facing heavy criticism recently from the Republican party, presidential candidate Donald Trump may consider running as a third-party member.   Trump was first under fire by the Republican party when he made incendiary comments about Mexican immigrants. Republican candidates publicly disagreed with Trump’s views on the character of immigrants as a whole. This was only… Read More

New video: Afrosoul singer, JoelsChild, premieres new video for hot new single “Soukous”

AfroSoul artist, JoelsChild, drops new video for hot new single "Soukous"

Earlier today, AfroSoul artist JoelsChild — also known as “JC” — unveiled the long awaited video for his hot new hit single “Soukous.”   In “Soukous,” the sultry voice of JC can be heard alongside a compilation of groovy and sensational AfroBeat dance moves.   According to Lexxistalking Entertainment — the company JC is signed… Read More

Joining forces: ‘X-Men’ director alludes to connection with ‘Fantastic Four’ reboot

Characters from the "Fantastic Four" and "X-Men" comics

Cinematic universes have become all the rage these days, especially in the realm of superhero movies. We’ve talked about this at great lengths before, but it bears repeating: Fox’s “X-Men” and “Fantastic Four” properties have quite a bit of ground to make up to catch Marvel and to a lesser extent, Warner Bros.   They… Read More

Natus Vincere enters The International with the help of a senator

Sonneiko plays in a video game tournament

Gamers from all over the world have traveled to Seattle, Washington to participate in the biggest “Dota 2” tournaments, but first they had to face the difficult challenge of obtaining a visa.   The Natus Vincere “Dota 2” team has been a fan favorite in past tournaments, but a denied visa application almost stopped them from… Read More

Sandra Bland had marijuana in her system: 3 reasons that’s irrelevant

Side by side of Sandra Bland (right) and her body being carted out of jail (left)

In the weeks following the mysterious death of Sandra Bland, it almost feels like we have developed more questions than we have received answers. New developments recently surfaced in the investigation of her death — specifically a toxicology report — that indicate Bland had considerable amounts of THC in her system. Investigators believe this could indicate… Read More

Hillary Clinton could face PR problem over criminal investigation

With the 2016 Democratic primaries getting closer, now is not the time for Hillary Clinton to have a public relations disaster, but she may be facing one nonetheless.   Last Thursday, The New York Times reported that two inspectors general put in a request to the U.S. Department of Justice to open a criminal investigation over… Read More