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Taylor Swift’s streak of courtesies tainted by strict contract

Taylor Swift performs at the MTV VMAs

Taylor Swift’s reputation has been raised onto a pedestal, especially with her recent responses (which have all gone viral) to fans reaching out to her. However, her innocence and courtesy doesn’t necessarily extend to everyone in her star-studded world.   A photographer by the name of Jason Sheldon recently published his open letter to the “Bad… Read More

ESL gaming tournament takes lead to end pill popping in e-sports

A bottle of Adderall

Professional athletes are constantly being tested for performance-enhancing drugs. Now, professional video game organizations are starting to put gamers under the same microscope.   Last Thursday, the Electronic Sports League (ESL) announced their plan to test professional gamers for drug use. The first testing will take place in August at the ESL One Cologne “Counter Strike:… Read More

Chrysler’s software flaw causes PR disaster

Interior of Chrysler vehicle

As technology grows, hacking becomes an increasingly bigger problem, and computers and phones are not the only targets — so are some Chrysler vehicles.   Last Tuesday, the automobile manufacturer Chrysler noticed a vulnerability in many of their 2013, 2014, and 2015 vehicles that are equipped with an 8.4 inch touchscreen. This vulnerability makes it possible… Read More

Hulkmania: WWE severs ties to wrestling legend for racist remarks

Hulk Hogan shreds his shirt

Terry Bollea — known to the world as Hulk Hogan — made a career for himself in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) utilizing his mouth just as much as his muscles. Over the last few decades, he has cultivated an image as a born-again Christian and role model, but that all seems set to change.  … Read More

Pharrell’s ‘Freedom’ music video brings light to those oppressed

Music artist Pharell in his music video for "Freedom Shot"

To aid with the launch of Apple Music, Pharrell Williams launched his music video for new hit single, “Freedom.” The video is a compilation from global scenarios, such as people experiencing oppression or the challenge of attaining freedom.     Williams is dressed as a worker, with the first verse taking place in a work… Read More

When rap artists take notice: This week in the music industry

Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift’s battle royale Social media has taken the age old image of girl fights and calmed down the violence. Now, it’s all back talk and retweets, as recently demonstrated by Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift. When Minaj learned that her music video for “Anaconda” was not one of the listed nominees… Read More

Thank you, taxpayers: New Vikings stadium cost more than Pluto expedition

Large NFL stadium

Few things define the American condition more than excess and sports, so it seems only natural that we find ways to combine the two. According to Bleacher Report, the recent New Horizons expedition — a trip to Pluto which radically expanded our understanding of the solar system — cost astronomically (pun wholeheartedly intended) less than… Read More

Bungie reaches out to ‘Destiny’ community with newest hire

Loading screen for video game, Destiny

Everyone dreams that the perfect job offer at the perfect company for the perfect position will just fall into their laps, but this dream became reality for one gamer.   Last Wednesday, Bungie’s community manager, DeeJ, announced an interesting new hire on the video game company’s forum. Bungie’s newest employee, Cozmo, was hired as a… Read More

‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ first look suggests Fox is stylistically merging comics and film

Cast of the upcoming "X-Men" film

Fifteen years ago, Brian Singer’s “X-Men” ushered in the modern age of comic book films. Sitting together in their muted, uniform black outfits, Cyclops (James Marsden) scoffed to Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) at the notion of wearing “yellow spandex” as a costume. This mindset remained pervasive throughout comic book films for years to come; no matter… Read More