Monthly Archives: August 2015

‘Super Smash Bros. Melee’ is making its way to the European stage

Attendees at the Dreamhack event

One of the largest e-sports tournaments, DreamHack, announced on Friday that the popular Gamecube game “Super Smash Bros. Melee” will be played competitively at two of their e-sports events this year.     In September, the first “Melee” tournament will be featured at DreamHack London with a $20,000 prize pool. The tournament’s organizers are confident… Read More

The Ashley Madison breach: 4 things every PR pro can learn

Noel Biderman, Ashley Madison CEO

Last month, dating website Ashley Madison was hacked, and the personal information of millions of members was made public. Ever since the initial information breach took place, Ashley Madison has been facing a variety of public relations problems.     Ashley Madison may not be making the best public relations decisions, but there are a… Read More

Over 300,000 people want Jon Stewart back to talking politics

Jon Stewart speaking at a podium

A petition has gotten over 300,000 signatures in an attempt to get former “Daily Show” host Jon Stewart chosen as the moderator for a 2016 presidential debate.      The petition started in early August, and it has gained thousands of new supporters every day at consistently faster rates. In the past, news anchors have… Read More

The top 3 things PR pros can learn from Subway

Subway restaurant

In July, Subway spokesman Jared Fogle was under investigation by the FBI for the possession of child pornography, and Subway has been dealing with a massive public relations disaster ever since.   Fogle has appeared in Subway commercials for 15 years, and he became the face of the company. After he plead guilty to having sex… Read More

CD Projekt Red raises the bar by offering free ‘Witcher’ content

The Witcher 3 promo

In July, CD Projekt Red started releasing 16 free pieces of downloadable content (DLC) for their game “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt,” and now gamers are hoping this trend starts catching on.   This set of free DLCs gave “Witcher” players new finishing moves, quests, weapons, and armor to add to the game’s many hours… Read More

Ashley Madison leaks continue to grow, and so do the lawsuits

Ashley Madison leak

In July, hackers started releasing customers’ personal data from the online dating site for people looking for an affair, Ashley Madison. Now, the data leak seems to have gotten much worse.       Last week, hackers leaked 20 gigabytes of data taken from the dating site, which was double the amount of information exposed only… Read More

‘Warcraft’ RTS series could revive after years of neglect

World of Warcraft

During the 2015 Gamescom, Blizzard announced that “Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void” will be the end of the “Starcraft II” storyline, and that they will now consider making a new Warcraft real time strategy (RTS) game.       A “Warcraft” RTS hasn’t been released since “Warcraft III: Frozen Throne” in 2003, so fans have waited… Read More

HBO to change image and save ‘Sesame Street’ all at once

Sesame Street puppets

This fall, the 45-year-old children’s television show “Sesame Street” will start airing new episodes on the premium cable network HBO.   Sesame Workshop, a nonprofit organization that produces educational programs, made the surprising announcement last week that they’re teaming up with HBO for five seasons of “Sesame Street.” The partnership may seem odd since the… Read More