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The Oculus Rift gets an estimated release date and price tag

Users demo the Oculus Rift device

During the Oculus Connect developer’s conference on Thursday, the vice president of product at Oculus VR, Nate Mitchell, told reporters that their Oculus Rift system will be released in the first quarter of 2016.         The Oculus Rift is a virtual reality gaming device that will include a headset, sensor, and an Xbox One controller… Read More

Government corruption threatens to cripple Malaysia’s economy

Protesters against Malaysian government corruption

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak is under investigation by both domestic and international agencies for what could be the largest corruption scandal in his country’s history. Razak is accused of funneling approximately $700 million from 1 Malaysia Development Berhad, a strategic development company which the prime minister oversees, to his personal bank account. Malaysian, Swiss,… Read More

The United States just might avoid a government shutdown

A government employee urges Congress to get it together

Fifty-two members of the U.S. Senate blocked legislation on Thursday that could have cut funding to Planned Parenthood.   A mix of Democrats, independents, and Republicans came together to vote against the women’s health provider. President Barack Obama planned on vetoing legislation to continue funding the government if the vote had put an end to… Read More

Papal visit comes with a high price tag

A crowd gathers to see the Pope

This weekend, Pope Francis became the fourth leader of the Catholic Church to visit the United States, making stops in Washington, D.C.; New York; and Philadelphia. Papal visits draw massive crowds which can be difficult for a city’s infrastructure and bank account to bear.   Organizations such as World Meeting of Families and the federal… Read More

The staggering cost of orphan drugs in the United States

Turing Pharmaceuticals faced public outrage after the company’s CEO, Martin Shkreli, raised the price of the drug Daraprim by over 5,000 percent.     Daraprim helps treat toxoplasmosis, which can be a dangerous disease to people with weak immune systems. Turing Pharmaceuticals purchased Daraprim from Impax Laboratories for $55 million in August and quickly increased the… Read More

The falling image of Jeb Bush: 3 things PR pros can learn

GOP candidate Jeb Bush

A recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll found that Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush fell to seven percent of the votes within his party. When he first started his run for president, Bush was leading the GOP polls; now, he has fallen to fifth place.   The results of this poll doesn’t mean that Bush is… Read More

The NFL to tackle brain disease during the 2015-2016 season

Ninety-one former NFL players donated their brains to science, so the world could learn more about the effects of head injuries on athletes; of the 91 athletes, 87 of these players have tested positive for brain disease.   The disease found in these former athletes has been identified as chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) by the researchers… Read More

Is marijuana a performance-enhancing drug for UFC fighters?

Nick Diaz at the pre-fight press conference for UFC 143

The Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) has banned UFC welterweight fighter Nick Diaz from fighting in the state of Nevada for the next five years after testing positive for marijuana before a fight.   In January, Diaz was given three drug tests on the night of his fight with mixed martial artist Anderson Silva. Two tests done… Read More