Monthly Archives: September 2015

Augmented reality ‘Pokemon Go’ mobile game coming in 2016

Pokemon Go start screen

The Pokemon Company has released an announcement trailer for “Pokemon Go,” a mobile game for iOS and Android devices that allows the player to find their favorite pocket monsters in the real world.       Nintendo and The Pokemon Company have teamed up with augmented reality mobile game developer Niantic to make this app… Read More

Monsanto herbicide ruled harmful in France’s court of appeals

Monsanto HQ

In France, an appeals court has upheld a three year old ruling on Thursday against the Monsanto company that found them guilty of chemically poisoning a farmer.     Grain farmer Paul Francois faced neurological problems after he inhaled Monsanto’s Lasso herbicide chemical in 2004. The herbicide was found to be responsible for Francois’ frequent… Read More

Government scandal and stagnant economy push Brazil towards recession

Christ the Redeemer statue in Brazil

Brazil’s credit rating has been downgraded to junk status by the credit rating agency Standard & Poor’s. South America’s largest economy has been rocked in recent months by corruption scandals, inflation, a depreciating currency, and rising national debt.   Not that long ago, Brazil was a darling of the investment world. It was touted as… Read More

Minimum wages rising around the country: What now?

Protesters rally for a minimum wage increase

The plight of the minimum wage worker has been thrust into the forefront of state and city politics nationwide. In the last two years, several states have all agreed to increase their minimum wage rates, including New York State (albeit only for fast food workers), San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, and Washington D.C. Low-wage workers… Read More

Powerful cartel faces potential schism: Can OPEC survive falling oil prices?

The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) has dominated the global supply of oil since its inception in 1960. The 12 member countries combine for approximately 80 percent of the world’s crude oil reserves. The economies of these countries are incredibly oil dependent. The recent drop in global oil prices has caused dissension within… Read More