Monthly Archives: February 2016

Is the world’s cheapest smartphone too good to be true?

A formerly unknown Indian company, Ringing Bells, recently announced that it was releasing the world’s cheapest smartphone. There has been huge demand following the announcement of Freedom 251, a 3G smartphone that will cost 251 rupees — less than $4 USD. With 8GB storage, front and back cameras, as well as slots for a memory card and… Read More

Spinning racist clichés around with #SiLesNoirsParlaientCommeLesBlancs

If you don’t follow the happenings of Francophone Twitter, you likely missed the viral hashtag #SiLesNoirsParlaientCommeLesBlancs. At once funny and relevant, #SiLesNoirsParlaientCommeLesBlancs saw (mostly French) black Twitter users turning around racist clichés they hear daily and applying them to white people. Literally translated as: “if black people spoke like white people,” tweets using the hashtag… Read More

When social media and power collide

SMW Lagos

Social media has become a contentious space in Nigeria. In a society that is closed up and does not appreciate openness or transparency, Nigerian citizens have employed tools readily available on the Internet to expose corrupt practices of government officials. Beyond that, social media has been credited for playing a huge role in politics as… Read More

5 ways analytics can improve your digital business

Analytics involve using statistics to gain useful knowledge from data. There are of utmost important to businesses looking to connect with markets and audiences using a digital platform. When implementing business decisions, data collected from consumers always beats opinion and aids in crafting strategies.   Courtesy of Rainy Lemon, a company that provides digital marketing… Read More

What are the current trends and challenges in digital publishing?

Future of Digital Publishing at SMW Lagos

Social Media Week Lagos is officially here, and we will be providing exclusive coverage from the many panels, masterclasses, and talks that make the event.   Digital publishing is growing globally; everyone is either online or considering it. These days, anyone can claim to be a digital publisher if they upload online. Although Nigeria is new… Read More