Monthly Archives: February 2016

6 dance-worthy Pan-African music collaborations


For the longest time, African music has remained divided by regions, colonial borders, and language barriers; but more and more, artists from various countries are collaborating. Collaborations between African and American musicians tend to be celebrated more in mainstream culture. Still, it is hard to ignore the African musicians bridging the differences between us and… Read More

16 million Nigerians visit Facebook monthly


Nigeria is one of Facebook’s most important markets, and the platform remains a popular choice for the growing number of internet users in Nigeria. It has been established that 16 million Nigerians visit Facebook every month. Approximately 7.2 million Nigerian users visit Facebook daily. Most Nigerians access the platform using their mobile phones. It is… Read More

Jamaica wants reggae inscribed on UNESCO’s cultural heritage list


Few music genres have had a considerable global impact as reggae. Reggae grew from its roots in Jamaica to influence societies and other musical forms across the world. In Africa in particular, reggae has apparently contributed to the development of counter-cultural movements.   Seen as the sound of the oppressed and a tool through which… Read More

Is corruption worsening in Africa?

Africans feel that corruption is worsening. At least, according to a poll released by Transparency International in December 2015. Transparency International is a non-governmental organization based in Berlin aimed at creating a corruption-free world. Transparency International is recognized as a leading body when it comes to research and surveys on the state of corruption on the… Read More

Official poster for Africa’s first afrobeat dance movie released worldwide

New official poster for The Dance Movie Project (TDMP); Africa's First Afrobeat Dance Movie; #TDMP Lexxistalking Entertainment

Earlier today, Lexxistalking Entertainment unveiled the official poster for their hit film TDMP: The Dance Movie Project. Directed by Idahosa Osagie from James Mavrik Films, and Executive Produced by writer and filmmaker Alexander “Lexx” Ore, TDMP is the compelling story of Femi and Wale (Joelschild) two brothers striving to nurture their love for dance and… Read More