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Repercussions of Reagan’s response to the AIDS crisis

The death of former First Lady, Nancy Reagan, has galvanized a retrieval of past conflicts surrounding Ronald Reagan’s time in office. Hillary Clinton attended the funeral and talked about her relationship she shared with the former First Lady. The Democratic presidential candidate found herself stumbling upon a statement where she falsely attributed the national AIDS… Read More

Bernie Sanders takes the lead in national polls

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, has been trailing in every national poll against Democratic political rival, Hillary Clinton, since the beginning of the presidential race. However, a Bloomberg Politics national poll recently discovered that Sanders has jumped ahead of Clinton: 49 percent of support to Clinton’s 38 percent.   Sanders crushed Clinton in all three of… Read More

iREP 2016 celebrates documentary filmmaking in Lagos

Founded in 2010, iREPRESENT documentary film festival (iREP) is an annual event that focuses on developing and nurturing documentary filmmaking across borders in Africa and beyond. iREP is a touring festival held in different locations each year to promote awareness on the documentary filmmaking and recognize filmmakers who are making documentary films that positively impact… Read More

As Faces of Hope Gala draws near, the Nigerian Healthcare Foundation discusses humanitarian aide

As Faces of Hope Gala draws near, MUI Daily News discusses humanitarian aid with the Nigerian Healthcare Foundation

According to the World Health Organization life expectancy at birth for men and women in Nigeria is estimated at 54 and 55 years respectively. Diseases that modern medicine can prevent, such as malaria and tuberculosis, cause many of these early deaths. The Nigerian Healthcare foundation is working to fix this problem, and has been doing… Read More

Brussels terrorist attacks: Presidential candidates respond

Last week’s terrorist attacks in Brussels, Belgium caused worldwide panic, and left the people of the United States anxiously waiting for a response from the five remaining presidential candidates. The statements made by each of the candidates was a strong reflection of their views for international relations and the fight against terrorism.   The initial… Read More

“The Simpsons” predicted a Trump presidency over 15 years ago

The producers of popular television show, “The Simpsons,” are known for their freakish fortune-telling abilities after airing multiple episodes that appear to be predicting multiple events throughout history, years before they actually take place. In 1997 alone, the TV show seemingly predicted the 2014 Ebola outbreak in an episode titled “Curious George and the Ebola… Read More