Monthly Archives: August 2016

Ralph’s and Ryan’s tricky breakup: The reality of dropping a disgraced partner

There has been no shortage of coverage of Ryan Lochte and his antics in Rio. The decorated swimmer’s inebriated and irresponsible behavior cost Brazil valuable law enforcement resources and embarrassed the United States. Though Lochte apologized in an interview with NBC’s Matt Lauer, as well as in a statement posted to Twitter, the damage was… Read More

Craig Green Fall/Winter 2016 promo shot entirely with drone

British designer Craig Green has always been known for being especially cutting edge. From his cotton-polypropylene blend shirts to this season’s strapped and belted tops, his designs are universally eye-catching and provocative. For Fall/Winter 2016, he has rolled out a campaign that matches that spirit, pushing the boundaries yet again in terms of clothing and… Read More

James Harden’s signature Adidas sneakers leaked, ridiculed online

From his signature celebratory “stirring the pot” celebration to his unmistakable beard, everything about James Harden garners a lot of attention. The Houston Rockets shooting guard and two-time Team USA member never seems to be out of the spotlight for long, and his newest endeavor has thrown him back in, though perhaps not for a… Read More

DDR-style games may help stroke victims recover faster

Strokes are detrimental to a person’s body and mind. It can damage the body in different ways, depending on where the stroke affected the person, and fully recovering is sometimes not in the forecast. Nearly 50 percent of stroke survivors need life-long assistance for everything, even to perform basic functions. Traditional physical therapy exercises can… Read More

Can video games improve brain function?

Video games are widely debated in the psychological community for their addictiveness, violence, and tendencies for players to be anti-social. New studies, however, are indicating that certain types of video games actually promote healthy brain growth and can increase both intelligence and brain function.   Dr. Brian Glass and Professor Brad Love, scientists from Queen… Read More