Monthly Archives: August 2016

Uniqlo reaches carrying capacity in NYC, closes Staten Island store

Japanese clothing retailer Uniqlo has, in a relatively short time, become a staple in the American market. Its frugal, yet durable basics are a hit with stateside shoppers interested in dressing subtly and smartly, and collaborations with high-profile names like Jil Sander and Christophe Lemaire have demonstrated how diverse the brand can be. A good… Read More

Grado Zero and MycoWorks create mushroom-based leather substitutes

For centuries, garments and accessories made of animal leather, especially cowhide, have been used, worn, and cherished by cultures from all around the world. There are few materials that feel as luxurious as a beautifully tanned full-grain leather or a supple suede, and leather’s tensile strength makes it a natural choice for belts and bags.… Read More

Where to get your hair cut when you can’t afford the Chop Shop

Located on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, popular barbershop Frank’s Chop Shop has gained a massive following not only for providing sharp and consistent haircuts, but also for cultivating a unique and youthful, yet classic, hip-hop-inspired atmosphere. The barbers give shaves with traditional straight razors on one side of the shop while waiting patrons… Read More