Monthly Archives: August 2017

A​ ​Cyber​ ​Milestone:​ ​Food​ ​Videos​ ​Most​ ​Popular​ ​on​ ​Facebook

The internet has been used for literally everything. To order groceries, to buy a car, to send pictures to your grandfather, and to buy drugs. It’s taken over virtually all aspects of life. Regularly, when someone orders a meal that’s presented as a masterpiece, their first thought is not to thank the wait staff and… Read More

Hell in Hospitality: Episode 2

(What you are about to read are true confessions from various former, and occasionally current employees in the industrial giant known as the hospitality industry. All names have been changed, as have most locations. What remains true are the stories of employees; the good, bad, ugly, heartwarming, heartbreaking, scary, action-packed and unique stories that only… Read More

The New Restriction: Juul Vaporizer

Many states, Massachusetts and Oregon included, have set effect laws that have effectively changed the age that one must be to purchase tobacco products to 21, the same year one may drink legally. These states have put in these new regulations in an attempt to decrease the number of health-related issues that consuming tobacco products… Read More