Monthly Archives: October 2017

The True Mayor of Flavortown: Guy Fieri Cooks for NorCal Firefighters

In recent weeks, northern California, particular the wine country areas, has been nothing short of decimated by the many wildfires. Along with the rampant destruction always caused by forest fires, what’s most terrifying about these wildfires are the sheer size of it all. An estimated 3,500 building and 170,000 acres have been drastically affected and… Read More

Dallas to Implement Cite and Release Marijuana Program

Slowly but surely over time, cannabis is becoming more and more legalized while also becoming less feared and stigmatized. Many notable states and cities throughout the country are newly implementing various legislation to either decriminalize or legalize marijuana entirely. The noticeable differences between decriminalization and legalization are that in areas where marijuana is only decriminalized,… Read More

Google Celebrates La Reina: Tejano Legend Selena Remembered

Over the many years of the almost monopolistic search engine Google operating on the internet, they’ve redesigned their front graphic, known more colloquially as their Doodle, more times and with more original drawings than a user could ever imagine. Programmers at Google have modified the Doodle for holidays such as Hanukkah and Kwanzaa, for legendary… Read More

Alligator Brewing: Standing Up To Hate

Last Thursday afternoon, notorious white supremacist, founder of The National Policy Institute and Macklemore haircut-stealing thief Richard Spencer spoke at The University of Florida’s Phillips Center. Much to the dismay of everyone from the university’s president to Governor of Florida Rick Scott as well as thousands of protesters, Spencer still delivered his hateful and extremely… Read More

Far Beyond Tofu: Texas Veggie Fair 2017

When one thinks about Texas and all the accompanying stereotypes, they often don’t think about vegetarianism and quality vegan cuisine among them. And while some Texan stereotypes are true and BBQ is certainly still as much in charge as King George Strait, Prince Matthew McConaughey and the Texan paradise known as Whataburger, it’s quite surprising… Read More