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“Get Out” Meets “Twilight Zone”: Jordan Peele to Host Reboot of Classic Series

Jordan Peele to host and executive produce 'Twilight Zone' reboot

Among the many classic television shows of the 1950’s- early 1960’s, few could combine the complex elements of psychological horror, fantasy suspense and intriguing mystery so masterfully as the father of all anthology shows, “The Twilight Zone.” Hosted by visionary screenwriter and playwright Rod Serling, every episode focused so brilliantly on a wide variety of… Read More

Maple Leaf Marijuana: Canada’s Largest Pharmacy Chain to Sell Medical Cannabis

Quite like the current extremely complex and convoluted American political landscape, cannabis legalization has become a very relevant issue for our neighbors to the North. Similar to how President Obama expressed his support to legalize the plant, Canadian Prime Minister and worldwide heart-throb Justin Trudeau has expressed on many occasions his support for full legalization… Read More

Free Press No More: Houston’s Free Press Summer Fest to Become “In Bloom Music Festival”

Similar to many events that thousands of people attend, music festivals can be quite a hassle to plan. With that sheer amount of people attending the event, accidents are almost unavoidable. Medical teams, security and even patrolling police officers are certainly necessary not to harass participants but instead just to make sure everything’s running smoothly.… Read More

Thanos vs. Literally Everyone: Trailer for “Avengers: Infinity War” Released

Since premiering in 1963, “The Avengers” series has transcended beyond a simple comic and become nothing short of an enormous entertainment franchise that spans multiple types of multimedia. The longstanding, legendary group is a conglomerate of many of the flagship characters in Marvel Comics, Captain America and Asgardian god Thor to name a few of… Read More

Superhero Movies for Your Grandchildren: Marvel Cinematic Universe Announces 20 More Films

Ever since the acquisition of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the worldwide entertainment conglomerate owned by a mouse, Disney, superhero films have become it’s own category of films. Instead of the sporadic and occasional “X Men” film or “Spiderman” movie that would be released about yearly or so, Disney seems to have produced and continues… Read More