“Need Food Not Football” (rt.com)

With the World Cup less than two weeks away, tensions rise as street artists have taken to the streets to voice their anger over the government’s priorities.


Instead of using the $1.1 million USD on things the country sorely needs — like food, housing, education, maintenance — the government used that money to help set up for the FIFA World Cup 2014.


As protests slipped by unnoticed, street artists took to the streets and created works of art that were very telling of their opinion.


Paulo Ito’s artwork in São Paulo (latimes.com)

One of the pieces that is garnering the most attention would be Paulo Ito’s simple yet all-too-obvious depiction of a thin young boy crying with a soccer ball on his plate.


This particular artwork was done on a fence outside an elementary school in São Paulo. This piece has been the centerpiece for talks about the current state of Brazil and what the street artists and protesters are trying to voice. The interesting use of location, colors, paint, emotion, and simple message are so powerful that the world is having a hard time not noticing.


Vandalized Graffiti in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (rt.com)

Not only are there new artworks popping up over the country, but artists are also vandalizing current work that was meant to celebrate the FIFA World Cup 2014 that is coming.


One vandalized graffiti really stands out: this piece was done by the anarchist group known as Black Bloc — a group that is against the World Cup being in Brazil.


What do you think of this artists work? Is there one that you think is more powerful than the others? What do you think of the government’s priorities?  Do you think street art was a good way to get people’s attention? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @kateeb790!