If there is one small problem that comes with the most adorable tea cups, it is that sometimes they might be too small or too fancy to use very often.


You can turn any cute tea cup (especially a mismatched one!) into a functioning candle to display during dinners, on coffee tables, or even out on your patio! These candles also make clever, personal presents for the person who just seems to have everything.


If you want to buy a teacup that is not only fancy and adorable but also a little sassy, check out these perfect little “Cheeky Teacups” on Urban Outfitters! These easy DIY steps come to us from Meg Perotti.



Step One (megperotti.com)

All you will need to get started is soy candle wax (you can find some really cost effective stuff on Etsy), as well as some wick and a wick stabilizer.


Get your tea cup ready (make sure it is clean!), and place the stabilizer with the wick attached at the bottom of the tea cup. Make sure it is in the center.


Now, you are ready to melt the wax. Be sure to have everything covered, as this part can get fairly messy! Try to use a pot that as an easy-pour edge, so you can reduce some of the mess as well. Perotti used a pot that actually had a pour spout attached, but it is not completely necessary to make your candle.


Step 3 (megperotti.com

Simply melt the wax in the pot. If you would like to add any scent, add a few drops of essential oil (try lavender for a light, soothing experience) in the pot while the wax melts.


While you are waiting for it to melt, use some skewers to keep the wick in place. As soon as the wax is hot and melted, simply pour it into your cup.


The most important part is making sure the wick does not move as you pour it, so if you can, have a friend hold the skewers in place so the wick stays in place.


Leave a little bit of room in the cup for spillage. Let the wick rest on the skewers until it is completely dry. Cut the wick to any length you desire, and you have your own new teacup candle!


What do you think of this easy DIY project? What would you use it for? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @kateeb790!