Dining-room-shelves-room-dividerOne of the most frustrating things to learn on your own is interior design. It can be tedious, and paying $40 for a vase that you end up not even knowing what to do with can be infuriating.


This is especially true for small spaces–you need to make sure that you aren’t buying too many things that have no place to go! It’s a death trap for your extra cash. Keep your wits about you and read on for tips to easily open up small spaces.



  1. Storage Space: The most important thing that you need in a small space is easy storage space. Try to make sure every piece of furniture you have is dual purpose. For example, if you have a book case, you can also add some cute boxes in your bookshelf to put in papers in and give small knick knacks a nice home.

  2. Furniture Color: Another simple tip a lot of people aren’t aware of; try to make sure all of your furniture is in the same color scheme. This makes the room look more put together and organized. Also, if you have all white furniture, this will actually make the room look bigger as white furniture reflects more light and therefore makes the room appear more open.

  3. Mirrors: Another simple trick to make your space look bigger is to add mirrors. Try adding either one big mirror behind a couch or on a wall opposite a window.

  4. Color of the space: Your space will always look coordinated and organized if you pick three colors and keep every decoration, furniture item and wall color within that color range. For example: dark brown (furniture), light green (accents like pillows, vases, accent walls, and paintings), and white (bigger accents such as table cloths or blankets).

What do you think of these tips? Have you implemented any of these into your small spaces? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me at @kateeb790!