1. Make your own tea

What’s better than a warm cup of tea on a cold rainy day?  Or better yet, whats better than a warm cup of homemade tea with your significant other?

Homemade tea doesn’t have to taste as hard as it sounds. Just get a nice tea base (pick either black, green, or white tea), and then add in some flavors!

Below is a run down of fun add-ins to your tea.  Remember, you can always take your homemade tea, and put them in cute little bottles and give them to people for a unique and special Valentine’s Day gift.


DIY, Make Your Own Tea. Photo: MUIPR

DIY, Make Your Own Tea. Photo: MUIPR

Lavender: is a nice floral herb that promotes relaxation, sleep, and helps to lower blood pressure.
Rosemary: has a unique smell and flavor to it.  It is amazing for memory and blood circulation. I would recommend using this with green tea, as the earthy flavors go nicely together.
Mint: also has an earthy flavor; however, the mint herb is a nice subtle compliment to any flavor. It’s perfect for depression, fatigue, and sore throats!


Hibiscus: is a strong, fruity flavor that, by itself, will turn your tea pink! It’s a beautiful add on to any tea, and is especially good for your heart!
Edible flowers: if you love to add a little more flare to your tea, then add some dried edible flowers! Roses are a great addition to green tea, but it also adds a beautiful color to your tea leaves!


Dried fruit pieces: This one is a little tricky. You want to make sure that the pieces are small enough that they won’t overpower your tea, but big enough that they will add some flavor. I recommend dried fruit pieces that are about the size of a pea, maybe a little smaller. My favorites are mangoes, peaches, and strawberries. Mango pieces go extremely well with black tea, and strawberry pieces are amazing in green tea.


You can get any of these add-ins for your tea in bulk via Amazon or at a specialty food store!


2. Use old greeting cards to fill up empty spaces on your wall

When the weather doesn’t permit me to do anything outdoors, I do a little bit of spring-cleaning. One thing I usually find while going through my drawers are old greeting cards from the PAPAYA! store given to me by my family and friends.


DIY, Frame Cards For Walls. Photo: MUIPR

DIY, Frame Cards For Walls. Photo: MUIPR

Instead of throwing these cards away, I find old frames, and put them up on my walls! Something I would recommend you also do  is to go to a thrift shop or an antique mall and buy lots of different frames. You can either get them all in one color, or even paint them yourself! White is a good color to paint your frames simply because it will go nicely with whatever greeting card you want to frame.


3. Use necklaces to fill up empty spaces on your wall

Another thing you can do to keep busy during the winter months, is to use your bare walls to organize your jewelry.  Consider using pushpins to hang up your most beautiful necklaces on your wall! I especially love hanging the fancy necklaces I rarely wear because they tend not to match my everyday outfits. This is a fun way to display your jewelry and spice up your walls!


Have you ever made your own tea before? What flavors would you mix together? What else would you use to fill up  your bare walls? Comment below or tweet me at @kateeb790!