Camila Do Rosario's Tumblr (

Camila Do Rosario’s Tumblr (

Very few artists incorporate the amount of styles that artist Camila do Rosario has, and do so expertly, to say the least.


At 18 years old, Camila do Rosario went to Florianópolis, Brazil to study fashion at Universidade do Estado de Santa Catarina. During her time there, she decided to drop out of school and devote all her time and energy to drawing. She has had numerous successes in her career, including having designs published in magazines such as Serafina, Rolling Stone, and Zupi.



Rosario has also participated in numerous group exhibitions such as at the Gallery Quina, and in galleries in Spain. Recently, she has won an illustration award in a contest sponsored by Marie Claire magazine and IED Barcelona. She currently resides in her studio in Florianopolis and works in the fields of visual arts and illustration.


Camila Do Rosario's Tumblr (

Camila Do Rosario’s Tumblr

Few artists have been able to incorporate the amount of craft and skill that Rosario has exhibited in many of her artworks. Her work exemplifies that artists go to great lengths to learn different skill sets to become masters of a particular style.


Rosario’s designs and the women she draws are so delicate and yet equally powerful, delivering a real punch to the viewer. The intricacies are so spectacular, you could look at one drawing for hours and still find something new the next time you view it. Her color palette is so unique, with its powerful subtleties that there is a strength given to even the most simplistic of her pieces.


Although Rosario does not have her work for sale, she can be contacted via e-mail. Also, considering the great strides she has made in the art work at such a young age, keep a look out for more of her work springing up in various magazines and in other formats.


To view more of Rosario’s work, check out her portfolio on her website or visit her Tumblr and Facebook pages.


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