Photo: Moondust by Sara K. Golish

Artwork by Sara K. Golish

Sara K. Golish produces beautiful artwork worth celebrating. Her intricate and creative drawings give new life to her subjects. She has been creating art since she was a child, and has always known that she wanted to be an artist. Golish has been involved in many creative projects, including working as a decorative painter and retail interior design projects, and she has also sub-contracted work in various locations.


Currently, Golish is a freelance artist in Toronto, Canada. Her artwork ranges from the creative “moondust” work in  artwork, to more realistic paintings and life-like drawings.



While all of her artwork is noteworthy, her moondust artwork is a rare and a unique encounter that is worth more than just a second glance.   It’s refined, elegant, and it seems to show a haunted quality to each drawing without making the viewer feel like an intruder. The intricacy of the lines and stark contrast of the white is so well placed and artfully crafted, there is nothing like it.


True to the unparalleled talent and beauty her artwork holds, the prints have been flying off her shelves before she has even gotten her official Moondust print store up and running! According to her Facebook page, the web site is nearly ready to go live. Stay tuned for when her online Moondust store will go live!   To view more of her portfolio, click here. Also, like her on Facebook, to get the latest updates and visit her web site!



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