What is one way to get the younger generation more familiar with classic pieces of art? One way is by introducing them to Fly Art.


Modern Rhapsody (1957), Salvador Dali / Crazy, Gnarls Barkley (flyartproductions.tumblr.com)

Fly Art, according to their website, “was a project born out of boredom, frustrations, and the internet.” The creators, Gisella and Toni, said Fly Art is the marriage of two of the finer things in life: hip-hop and art. Each of their images superimposes famous hip hop lyrics on top of classic art.


Their inspiration was derived from other projects with similar themes, like Swoosh Art and Carter Family Portraits. Swoosh Art is a project that combines popular brand logos — such as Starbucks, MTV, MasterCard, and Barbie — with different brand names. Their original project, however, was more similar to Fly Art, as they Photoshopped the Nike logo onto classic art. Carter Family Portraits is an incredibly unique project in which the creators Photoshop the Carter Family — Beyoncé, Jay Z, and daughter, Blue Ivy — into famous portraits, such as The Girl With A Pearl Earring. The ROYALS that are featured on Rad.co are also doing a similar project with other famous characters.


The Dance (1910), Henri Matisse / Hey Ya, Outkast (flyartproduction.tumblr.com)

Combining seemingly opposite things, such as classic art and modern lyrics or current celebrities, is one of the most interesting ways in which one could hope to bring classic art back in popularity!


It is very telling to how far our culture and communities have gone in what is important as well as what is talked about. At the same time, however, the hip-hop lyrics are paired with paintings that are somewhat relatable to the artwork itself.


Venus is Flawless (rad.co)

Also, Fly Art has teamed up with Rad.co, and they now sell their designs on T-shirts on Rad.co‘s website!


Their designs are perfect for those who love this kind of extreme juxtaposition, or make amazing gifts for someone who might love both art and hip-hop.




What do you think of Fly Art? Would you buy it? Do you think this is an awesome way to revamp some old pieces of art? Or do you think it does a disservice to the artwork? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @kateeb790!