Is there any better feeling in the world than enjoying a freshly polished manicure? OK, maybe holding one’s brand new baby is a slightly more exhilarating feeling, but until that moment arises, manicures rule. Glossy lacquer conjures up dopamine-inducing visions of glamorous relaxation and now consumers can  duplicate that high when they step into their very own living rooms.


The frontrunner in creating quirky nail-inspired designs, OPI’s new deal will showcase lacquer on display in consumer’s homes across the country. Clark+Kensington, a leader in interior paints, collaborated with the polish brand to introduce a new collection featuring OPI’s signature polishes. That’s right, OPI fans will now be able to include their favorite hue when decorating their home’s interior.


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OPI is no stranger to unique collaborations. The polish brand has featured designs by the likes of Gwen Stefani, Carrie Underwood, Danica Patrick, and even Coca-Cola and Ford Motor brands. The brand has access to various consumer segments, and it shows no signs of halting influence.


This strategic move will be beneficial to not only the polish brand but also to Clark+Kensington as well as Ace Hardware, the franchise exclusively supplying the product. Ace Paint Division president Mary Rice explained,

“Ace had been looking for a partner that would help us extend our paint business into the world of color and fashion and leverage our brand in an unexpected way… As we continue to work on growing our market share in paint, we will continue to look at strategic alliances that surprise and delight our target customer, attracting a new audience that might not otherwise have shopped at Ace.”


There’s something in it for everyone as consumers will be able to choose from a wide palette array. “The Artist,” “The Romantic,” and “The Wild At Heart” make up the collection, including signature polish hues like “OPI Red,” “Miami Beet,” and “Black Onyx” in each collection. MUIPR is ready to experience the glossy difference, are you?


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