This October, Paris will add yet another event to its expanding list of crowd-enticing activities. Designer Louis Vuitton once again proves its ultimate originality for fashion eyes and global fans alike. The forever trend-setting fashion house recently completed the intensive, decade-long process of constructing the Louis Vuitton Museum.


Combining art and fashion, the Louis Vuitton Museum will open its doors to the public on Monday, October 27, shortly after its inauguration in early October.


The one-of-a kind museum was created by the CEO of the LVMH Group, Bernard Arnault, to “encourage and promote artistic creation both in France and internationally.” The group owns the rights to such ground-breakers as Louis Vuitton, Celine, and Marc Jacobs, among other luxury brands. The group has been planning the structure since 1990, and its completion can be considered an artistic feat in itself.


Famously designed by Frank Gehry, the structure sits on the outskirts of Paris, and its architectural design impresses just as much as the fashions it holds. From the terraces, which feature 12 glass “sails” containing 3,600 panes of glass, visitors will also get to see amazing views of Paris and the Jardin d’Acclimatation, a children’s park. Arnault added on the Museum’s website:

“We wanted to present Paris with an extraordinary place for art and culture, and demonstrate daring and emotion by entrusting Frank Gehry with the construction of a building that is emblematic of the 21st century.”


This development will surpass any exhibition that Vuitton has showcased to date, especially since the former small-scale museum was not open to the public. This museum offers a wide-range view of fashionable artifacts from the designer’s history, and it is bound to influence the entire fashion world, editorial critics, and awestruck fans alike.


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