Many of us are addicted to the ABC hit series, “Scandal”, starring Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope. In addition to the show’s intelligently written script and amazing cast of characters in suits, we also get front-row access into Pope’s gorgeous apartment. It goes without saying that Pope has one of the most enviable styles in television history; so, to also have a lust-worthy apartment, is more than enough reason for us to count the days to the next episode of “Scandal.”

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In honor of tonight’s episode, we decompose the ever so chic living room decor of Olivia Pope and, advise you of where you can find similar pieces for your space.


Olivia Pope's Apartment. (

Olivia Pope’s Apartment. (

Olivia Pope’s Living Room Decor

Pope’s apartment is chic, feminine, elegant and very personal.

It is decorated with a neutral palette and soft touches of color.

It looks welcoming, cozy and comfortable, and feels like the type of place you look forward to coming back to after a long day at work.







Get the Look: Olivia Pope's Apartment Decor. (

Get the Look: Olivia Pope’s Apartment Decor. (

Get the Look

1. Velvet Armchair – Get this at

2. Abstract Painting – Get this at

3. Sofa – Get this at

4. Blue Lamp – Get it at

5. Bookcase – Get it at

6. Rug – Get it at

7. Coffee Table – Get it at

8. Upholstered Chair – Get this at

9. Tufted Club Chair – Get it at

10. Chenille Throw – Get this look at

11. Pillow – Get it at

                               12. Accent Table – Get this at


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