Modernism in the Pacific Northwest: The Mythic and the Mystical, an exhibit currently on display at the Seattle Art Museum. The exhibit explores four artists that were inspired by the Northwest’s culture in the 1930’s and 40’s. In their exhibit summary, the Seattle Art Museum says all four artists “sought to create art that consciously responded to the world events around them. All saw art as a form of spiritual quest. All were influenced by the Northwest’s swirling mix of Native American and Asian traditions.”


Inspired by the art of four men — Mark Tobey, Morris Graves, Kenneth Callahan, and Guy Anderson — we looked for ways to incorporate their modern art into our daily lives. What better way than to add hints of their mythic and mystical visions into outfits, daily works of art that reflect feelings and inspirations in a way that is just as easy to change as it is to create, just like our personal emotions.



Rachel Pally Cass Dress (revolve

Rachel Pally Cass Dress (revolve

Mark Tobey's "Moving Moments" (Mark Tobey/Seattle Art Museum)

Mark Tobey’s “Moving Moments” (Mark Tobey/Seattle Art Museum)

Mark Tobey. Born in Wisconsin in 1890, Tobey traveled the world incorporating inspirations from other cultures into his work. Most prominent was his interest in Asian calligraphy, which he learned from from a friend. His artwork has been praised around the work and can be distinguished by his use of calligraphic-style white line painting.

His work reminded us of the gorgeous printed dress from that has similar prints and colors.




Aztec Print Tube Dress (

Aztec Print Tube Dress (

Guy Anderson's "Language Wheel" (Guy Anderson/Seattle Art Museum)

Guy Anderson’s “Language Wheel” (Guy Anderson/Seattle Art Museum)

Guy Anderson. Anderson, who was a native of the Pacific Northwest, living in Washington for most of his life, is an artist who spent much of his time studying art, with a focus on oil paintings. Nude figures are often present in his work, as well as native colors of the Pacific Northwest, like browns, greens, and reds.

The geometric shapes and colors of this piece are similar to the print on this Aztec Print dress we found at Express.



Twilight Temple Dress (

Twilight Temple Dress (

Kenneth Callahan's "Seed" (Kenneth Callahan/Seattle Art Museum)

Kenneth Callahan’s “Seed” (Kenneth Callahan/Seattle Art Museum)

Kenneth Callahan. Callahan was not only a painter but involved with the art world through his work with the Seattle Art Museum as Assistant Director, as well as writing articles for the Seattle Times. His work is best known for its postwar energy, and the Seattle Art Museum describes that he “looked to his environment primarily to find means to amplify the lessons of history and Scripture that resided in his keen mind.”

His painting “Seed” inspired us of the oranges and silvers found in this beautiful Anthropologie dress.



Speechless Chevron Print Halter Dress (

Speechless Chevron Print Halter Dress (

Morris Graves' "Inner Eye Eagle with Chalice" (Morris Graves/Seattle Art Museum)

Morris Graves’ “Inner Eye Eagle with Chalice” (Morris Graves/Seattle Art Museum)

Morris Graves. Entranced by nature, his love of the outdoors and adventure are active parts of Graves’ work. His work also reflects his experience during the World War II, during which he escaped to live in an Island north of Seattle. He is known as an expressionist painter as well as a mystic.

The light, weightless feel of this painting lent itself well to the this lightweight dress from Nordstrom.



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