Shock factor is a powerful tool in marketing. After all, being able to go somewhere nobody has gone before is the perfect tactic to raising brand awareness and setting yourself apart from competitors in the global market.


For Scotch whiskey brand Ballantine’s, a recent collaboration with London-based artist INSA has provided the brand with just the kind of shock factor that can boost public presence. How? By creating the world’s largest GIF that can be seen even from space.


The GIF was created by looping together satellite images of four slightly altered paintings over the course of four days (


INSA has made a name for himself on the art stage for his animated graffiti art — cleverly dubbed “GIF-iti” — but this project was especially ambitious and grandiose, even for him. To create the GIF, INSA worked with a team to create four paintings in four days, each comprising of a series of 24-meter pink and yellow hearts covering a total area of 14,000 square meters.


Each day, minor changes would be painted over the work from the day before. This would create the illusion of movement when satellite images of the daily paintings were looped together.


The result is a phenomenal display of artistic innovation of an unprecedented magnitude. This is precisely the kind of creativity that Ballantine’s hopes to celebrate through its Stay True campaign, which seeks to tell the stories of men and women who make a mark on the world through artistic expression.


Through this collaboration, Ballantine’s has not only generated heightened brand awareness, but has built a strong brand image by connecting with the public on a human level and through technological relevance.


It has highlighted itself as a brand that values individual expression, creation, and storytelling through its Stay True campaign, a commitment that is sure to reach the public on an emotional level. Meanwhile, it has communicated that message through the use of a popular video technology — the GIF. This ultimately demonstrates an understanding of its audience and ability to remain relevant, which is more essential than ever in the modern marketplace.


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