There are many things you can find that are unique to San Francisco, but none can be as interesting as the art you would find at the annual SOMArts Night Light Multimedia Garden Party.


Much like last year’s event, SOMArts hosted a wide variety of installation art, performance art, as well as musical talent at their cultural center in — you guessed it — the SOMA district. However, this year, tickets were sold out: over 1,200 people attended the event, and the curiosity and excitement was absolutely palpable.


While there are many pieces worth talking about, there were a few that stood out in particular.


Night Light Party (

There were a few rooms in which you could go and experience some of this incredible work. One room in particular had some uniquely mesmerizing pieces that had an undeniable beauty to them was in the


This piece done by Chelsea Akita, beautifully captured on instagram by @n_chanthabandithdefinitely turned some heads. This is a video projected onto two filters against a wall. The 3D aspect gives each of the videos on each filter as well as the wall a very natural yet abstract viewpoint.


But that was certainly not the only mesmerizing piece in the room.


Quite easily one of the most mesmerizing pieces to experience, was created by artist Alan Ellison. This piece was done using make up pigments. Upon wandering around the exhibit, this piece always projected a different set of movements and images that were never dull.


Projected Personae (


Possibly the most interpretable and most interesting part of the exhibit would have to be, hands down, the Projected Personae exhibit in their main gallery.


This collection of work, curated by Justin Hoover, was set to capture, “…the self as surface and the construction of identity through performance, cultural drag and bodybuilding.”


Some of these pieces in particular were incredible. The raw emotion and strength each piece evoked was powerful. Certainly artwork that is rarely explored so vigorously. If you still want to see this part of the exhibit, it is still up until August 16 with free admission!


The last event at the show was from music guests PINE & Elia Vargas. Their collaboration with other artists gave for a truly unique experience that was unforgettable. As described in the program, this electronic music performance was “paired with vivid desert landscapes, urban obfuscations and feminine ideation.”


The Oakland-based artists of PINE explained that their work has always been flowing with new equipment and new ideas, but collaboration with other artists was fundamental in their creation. Without the visual components, their work would not be complete. When asked if they would consider themselves more of a “musical event” or an “artistic event,” their answer was that of both. A truly remarkable experience. Check them out on Soundcloud for some of their music!


Did you attend Night Light? What were your favorite pieces or what was your favorite event of the night? Would you want to go next year? What were your interpretations of some of the art shown here? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below or tweet me @kateeb790!