A new fashion trend is on the horizon: combining famous artwork with modern fashion. Although collaborations between artists and fashion designers is nothing new, this newest trend is a little different: think of classic paintings and famous modern art used as the graphic art on shirts and bags.


A perfect example of this new trend is the newest art and fashion collaboration with H&M and Jeff Koons.   On July 17, Jeff Koons will turn the H&M location on Fifth Avenue into an art museum — appropriately dubbed “Fashion Loves Art.” For the event, H&M has also collaborated with Koons to create an awesome new bag with Koons’s well known piece: stainless steel balloon-dog sculptures.   According to Refinery 29, “The aptly titled “Fashion Loves Art” pop-up coincides with Koons’ highly anticipated retrospective at the Whitney Museum of Art, opening on June 27 and also sponsored by H&M.”


This style trend has started getting traction on the internet as well.  Rad.co, an online discovery platform based in Paris, has some of the latest cutting-edge indie fashion, art, and design.  Rad.co has been following this trend closely on their website, and has recruited designers that creatively twist and combine famous art, modern times, and fashion for t-shirt and sweatshirt designs.


One of their newest and possibly most interesting designers is Royals. They have taken classic renaissance paintings and replaced the faces with famous celebrities, such as Rihanna, Snoop Dog, and Lady Gaga.


To check out some of the latest stuff on Rad.co, either follow them on Facebook or shop their collections on their website.


Show off your artistic side with this trend and dive into the art world! You could be your own walking art museum.


What do you think of this new trend? Will is inspire younger generations to like famous artwork and artists? What do you think of the newest H&M collaboration? Will you be going? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @kateeb790!