The bustling streets of Sao Paulo are the center of business and financial in Brazil, and are lined with office buildings and high rises. Sao Paulo is full of people and culture, and the city is also home to one of the 12 stadiums scheduled to host the 2014 FIFA World Cup Tournament. Just outside of the busy streets of Sao Paulo is Vila Madalena, the art epicenter of the city, and the perfect getaway from the business-oriented Sao Paulo.



The streets of Vila Madelena offer a change of scenery from the business oriented Sao Paulo city center. (

Vila Madalena is a bohemian neighborhood full of art galleries, shops, and good food. The walls of Vila Madalena feature the graffiti of local artists, and thousands of people come to see the cultural smorgasbord each year.


A favorite place to see the street art of Mila Madalena is Beco de Batman, an alleyway filled with murals and paintings. Time Out Sao Paulo described it as a must-see in Sao Paulo saying,

“It may be a long, thin, winding alleyway, but it’s teeming with life – we’re there with students holding an impromptu party, hipsters clicking away with their cameras and families in their entireties, stopping to gaze at the works of artists…”


Vila Madalena is also famous for its night life, where one can find and choose from a seemingly endless list of different bars, clubs, and restaurants to visit. What’s more, they all offer a variety of musical styles and genres to fit anyone’s taste. The night life aspect of the area makes it perfect for both those looking for something to do during the day and the night.


This area of the city offers an artsy escape for many people traveling to Rio this summer. The many specialty shops in the area make it perfect for a browsing and wandering. Vila Madalena may be a change of pace from the center of Sao Paulo, but its hilly terrain does not make it a relaxing stroll. If you are visiting Sao Paulo this summer, get ready to lace up your good walking shoes to experience beautiful art and culture.


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