I hated all other cupcakes I tried, because I loved moist cake with a little bit of frosting on top (not the globs of frosting you’d see on a Sprinkle’s cupcake). So I became an avid cupcake-maker.

When I started getting better, and people asked me to cater their weddings, bridal showers, and baby showers.  Each time they did, I thought to myself, “I should make my own cupcakes for my wedding!” When I shared this loud with my mother, she laughed, shook her head and replied, “You are NOT going to make a hundred cupcakes the day before your wedding.”


MUIPR-Wedding Cake-Why Pinterest is bad for the bride to be Another thought to myself: “If I do not make cupcakes,     then I’m going to make cute little invitations!” Invitations, let alone the adorable ones you saw on Pinterest, are just as tedious (if not more so) than cupcakes.


Of all the social media sites out there, Pinterest is by far the most addictive for any bride to be (or party planner, for that matter). It can have any of us saying, “I could do that.” Well–news flash–you aren’t going to want to do any of that the night before your wedding.


Weddings have become something of a DIY project in and of itself. This is a potential melting point for almost all brides. No bride is going to make trips to Michaels the night before their big day.  Most of the people I know want to spend a little less money, and still have a beautiful chic wedding. This is a fine idea, but it never works out. The bride and her bridesmaids end up getting no sleep for the days leading up to the wedding, trying to get all the last minute details in order.  From the cute little place-cards to the freshly painted frames and toppings for the cupcakes, the last minute to do’s are never ending. And the worst part? You rarely ever end up saving any money.


It becomes stressful for everyone involved, but no one is worse off than the bride. The stress of trying to get everything right (even without the many DIY projects) is enough to turn any adorable and sweet girl into a bridezilla. A lot of sites and blogs specifically for brides are even starting to recommend that brides limit the time spent on Pinterest to help them de-stress before their wedding.


I know, you’re an adult and you can make your own decisions. But I’m telling you, I’ve never seen a bride take on more than one DIY project for their wedding and then later recommend that others do the same for their wedding. The happiest brides are the ones that pay people to make their invitations, place-cards, cupcakes, cupcakes toppers, and veils for them, and focus on family, friends, and relaxing before the big day.


Have you or anyone you’ve known gone a little overboard with Pinterest? What advice would you give about it? Comment below or tweet me @kateeb790!