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Andrew Morse graduated from Fordham University in 2015. He received a BS in Finance and a minor in Economics. His favorite hobbies include writing, reading, and playing basketball. Andrew's MUI PR articles will be focused on current events in business and sports.

No love lost here: College football’s best rivalries

football teams fight on the field

The pageantry, the crazy fans, the magic of watching the next generation of players come to life — college football is one of America’s most engaging sports. Annual rivalries provide excitement and motivation for players, students, and alumni. In honor of another great college football regular season now in the books, here are the sports’… Read More

Win or go home: Championship week will determine college football’s final four

Clemson Tigers player

Championship week is here. This Saturday is the final week for the nation’s elite football programs to impress the selection committee and earn a spot in the playoffs. Oklahoma is already in. For Alabama, Clemson, Michigan State, and Iowa (the last two will be playing each other), the season comes down to one game. Win… Read More

A legend remembered: What is Brett Favre’s legacy?

Brett Favre

Last week, the Green Bay Packers hosted their first Thanksgiving football game in franchise history. Before the clash with divisional rival Chicago, the Packers paid tribute to legendary quarterback Brett Favre and retired his number four jersey. Favre’s reckless style of play, hold nothing back personality, and retirement saga overshadowed his on the field performance… Read More

How the Cavaliers botched the Kevin Love trade

LeBron James, Kevin Love, and Andrew Wiggins on the court

LeBron James’s return to the Cavaliers last season is one of the most exciting moments in Cleveland sports history. To help James and company compete immediately, Cleveland agreed to a trade with Minnesota for all-star forward Kevin Love. The Cavs’ offer was built around the number one overall selection in last year’s draft, Andrew Wiggins.… Read More