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Aaron Murphy is a 1L at Berkeley Law, Boalt Hall and an expert at awkward conversations. He’ll happily write anything for MUIPR that doesn’t involve sports. He spends vast swaths of time pretending to read David Foster Wallace and probably will never produce electronic music. He fancies himself disenfranchised, though he’s a little vague on the details. Follow him on Twitter @aa_murph.

Weekly News Roundup: A Bad Week in Aviation, Botched Arizona Execution, Makeup to Fool Big Brother

It is a Friday, and time again to round up the hottest stories of the week. True, the world may seem a tad bleak on occasion, what with violence raging in Gaza and airplanes beginning to crash with alarming regularity. Yes, the uncomfortable realities of this tragic, glorious, improbable planet we live on may not… Read More

Amber Waves: Sequencing the Wheat Genome

Bread wheat is one of the culinary staples of the human race. Nurtured, glorified and tinkered with for centuries by hopeful farmers intent on doubling yields, increasing profits and feeding hungry mouths, wheat remains a phenomenally important and astonishingly adaptable crop. In the era of genetically modified crops, wheat would seem the prime candidate for… Read More

Deadly Ebola Virus Still Raging in West Africa, Over 600 Dead, 1,000 Infected So Far

The worst Ebola outbreak in history is still raging in Western Africa. Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone have all taken a veritable viral punch to the gut, with over 1,000 victims infected and over 600 dead. Governments and non-governmental health organizations are struggling to contain the spread of the disease, stymied by dense urban populations and a… Read More

Bora Wear: A Belt With a Soul

“We all have a vision of what we want the future to be.”   Mugo Muna is spinning a philosophical background for his new clothing project, Bora Wear. Ensconced in a Nairobi apartment, battling a cold and a flickering Internet connection, Muna chats animatedly on topics ranging from his personal background to Bora Wear’s design… Read More

Check It: Privilege and The Art of Meaningful Discourse

A few months back, a young Princeton undergraduate named Tal Fortgang penned an article for the campus newsletter entitled, “Checking My Privilege: Character As The Basis of Privilege.” In it, he questioned the popular use of the phrase “check your privilege,” claiming it is used more often as a conversational checkmate than a valid attempt at… Read More

Weekend Dose of Science

Look, we know you’ve been dying for another dose of the best science stories out there on the Interwebs. Top scientists say that appearing knowledgeable about science topics makes you exceptionally attractive to the opposite sex, which we know is true because it’s science. Smashing your way through a long, glorious weekend? Scroll through MUI PR’s… Read More

The Crisis on the Border

There is a humanitarian crisis brewing along the borders of the United States. Children fleeing the chaos and violence of Central American countries such as El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala are journeying thousands of danger-filled miles to throw themselves at the mercy of U.S. customs officials, seeking asylum and refuge. The influx is straining an… Read More

A Guide to Instadocumenting Your Days

We are proud citizens of the modern world. It is fitting, then, that we have a worthy way to document our fast-paced lives, to capture our most important moments and offer them up for public consumption.   Instagram has revolutionized the “capture EVERYTHING” spirit of the modern age and introduced us to the wonders of the… Read More