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Georgia Doing Nothing on Medicaid Expansion Cuts Chances for Many

  Despite the 650,000 Georgians who desperately need the Medicaid provisions set forth in the federal Affordable Care Act (ACA), the state of Georgia has reported that it will not expand its Medicaid program under the ACA.   (Related: Obama Speaks at Rose Garden After 7 Million Mark Reached For Healthcare Signup)   According to… Read More

Are We Letting The #Selfie Trend Get in the Way of Significant Human Experiences?


  The selfie trend is taking the world by storm. An action of taking one’s picture in one, two, maybe 20 poses, is becoming the norm among teens, parents, and even the elderly.   The action has become so mainstream that apps, such as Snapchat and Instagram, are being devoured by “selfie lovers” and gaining… Read More

10 Actions You Should Take To Spring Clean Your Emotional State

  Spring is upon us. Representing a time of renewal, spring is the season of weddings, trips, and graduations preceding the progression and replenishment of lives.   Therefore, those of us without any major dates approaching, must rely on other tactics to feel revived — and not just your average spring cleaning.   10. Drink More… Read More

Underrated Social Media Sites: Imgur and 8tracks

  Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube — these are websites that are used daily by people all over the world to connect and share ideas. Being multibillion-dollar companies, these social sites are widely recognized brands.   What about the web sites that are just as entertaining and informative, but have less funding and great renown? Ranging… Read More

6-Year-Old Vine Star Cousin Terio Perpetrates Image of Ballin’ in Lieu of Self-Edification

  Vine is the app to download for laughs all around. The popular smartphone application is becoming widespread over social media with many re-tweets on Twitter and spin-off Facebook fan pages, such as Best of Vines, Daily Vines, and Funny Vines.   Along with the popularity of the six second videos comes the ever more… Read More

Lost Malaysian Plane Sparks Concern for All

Boeing 777. Thinkstock img.

Malaysia Airlines flight 370’s disappearance has left much of the world asking questions about the legitimacy of the Malaysian government as well as, for many Americans at least, the safety and security of airplanes today.   Information released from investigators has created some conspiracy theories concerning the fate of the passengers on the plane. One prominent… Read More