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Hannah Jenkins is the genius inventor of the toaster strudel and a compulsive liar. She is a Communications major at Fordham University, an intern at WindUp Records, and is a member of the same club rugby team as fellow blogger and friend Carolyn Ambrosich. Hannah’s area of focus is music/entertainment and fashion. If you enjoy mildly funny observational humor coming from an abrasive and highly opinionated/empowered woman, follow me on Twitter @JenksUOhMeASoda

Brooklyn Street Style: Definitive Guide To Transition Summer Pieces Into Fall

Want to get that effortless chic Brooklyn look to cap off your summer style and continue into the fall?   Well, we can help. Just follow these simple steps and become a “Brooklyn Baby” like songstress Lana Del Rey:   1. High Waisted Shorts High waisted shorts have quickly become a staple in any summer… Read More

Folk Bands of the Moment

Folk is a very abstract and broad genre of music that can be hard to follow at times because of the underground nature of the music and the frequency with which bands shuffle, collaborate, and change within the genre. But at the same time, folk is one of the most musically versatile, soulful, and emotional… Read More

The Celebrity Photo Breach of 2014: Internet Security in a Digital World

By now, you’ve all heard about the recent scandal concerning the nude photo leak and breach of privacy of several prominent female celebrities including Jennifer Lawrence, Kirsten Dunst, and Ariana Grande. The photos which appeared on Reddit, a social networking and news portal, were banned from the site nearly one week after the leaked images had already… Read More

Essential Oldies Playlist: Joan Jett, Janis Joplin, Grace Slick, Merry Clayton, Stevie Nicks

In the rock category, women are under-appreciated and overall under-represented. The VMAs this year are blatant proof of this unfortunate fact; although we celebrated the first female winner in the rock category, the winner, Lorde, is not really a rock artist. Here is an oldies playlist full of bonafide female rockers:   1. Joan Jett… Read More

California Takes a Drastic Step in the Right Direction, Bans Plastic Bags

No one can deny the convenience and efficacy of plastic bags at the supermarket. These small white bags get handed out by the hundreds, thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions across the nation every day. It may seem harmless when you check out at the grocery counter and slip your purchases in these bags; you save… Read More

Classic Movie Monday: The Sandlot, One of The Sweetest Coming-Of-Age Films of All Time

The Sandlot.  This classic kids movie from 1993 deserves a mention for many reasons. Not only is the movie filled with many classic quotes (“you’re killin’ me smalls!”), along with movies like “The Goonies” and “A Christmas Story,” “Sandlot” is great because it provides the simple childhood tales of your average group of kids through… Read More

The Problem with a Colorblind Mentality: The Ferguson Effect

The shooting of young unarmed black man, Michael Brown, in Ferguson, Missouri has sparked outrage across the nation. The fact that this young man was shot and killed by a white police officer is just one specific case that indicates a greater problem that exists in America: closeted racism.   This term “racism” is synonymous… Read More

Top Four Awesome Female Characters in Television

Over the ages, and still to this day, women have often been misrepresented in television. The female characters either adhere to the ditsy, feminine, infantile stereotype; to the “tomboy” category — rigid, unsmiling, cold but tough as nails; the mother; and the temptress. These are loose interpretations of the different archetypes of women, but you… Read More

VMAs vs. The Emmys: A Tribute to Robin Williams

The heart wrenching and sudden loss of beloved actor and comedian Robin Williams just a few weeks ago struck a chord in all of us. His passing affected millions and raised awareness about the prevalence and seriousness of the mental disorder that affects an astounding number of our population: depression. When the awards season comes around and there is a death that… Read More