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Isabella Basco has been writing since she was a little girl but started submitting and publishing her articles in outlets like Justine Magazine, USA Today: College and The Huffington Post. She recently graduated from Wake Forest University and is currently a Masters student in Journalism at Georgetown University. She plans to focus on entertainment, fashion and politics at MUI PR. Follow her @issabasco.

Epic Photos from the Women’s March in Washington

(Photo Credit: Isabella Basco/MUI Daily News) The Women’s March was one of the most epic events to happen in a millennial woman’s lifetime. Men and women from all over the country came to defend reproductive rights, closing the gender pay gap, protecting the Affordable Care Act and combatting climate change. 500,000 people came to Washington… Read More

3 Ways “The Warrington Clan” Teaches Us to Strengthen Family Relationships

In Daphne King’s novel, “The Warrington Clan,” maintaining family ties and navigating new romantic relationships are the centerpiece of this heartwarming novel. Families are dysfunctional to say the least, especially during the holidays, which is a stressful time that requires staying true to traditions while making new memories with your loved ones.   Readers can… Read More