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Julianna is currently attending Minnesota State University-Moorhead studying English/Mass Communications. She was born in Korea and grew up in northern Minnesota. Julianna has developed a strong passion for music after playing the piano since the age of 7, and her favorite hobbies include reading, writing and traveling. As a contributing writer for MUIPR, she reports on stories with an emphasis in current events, public relations, politics and entertainment. Follow Julianna on twitter @julimiller97

Going vegan to save your body and the planet

On average, the United States consumes around 478 billion pounds of meat, or 270 pounds per person, every year. U.S. citizens are the second largest consumers of meat in the world. Recent studies  by the USDA and the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey have displayed an array of health defects directly associated with meat… Read More

ISIS or Daesh?

The jihadist group now controlling huge amounts of territory in Iraq and Syria has accumulated an array of names from the public, many world powers, the media, and government officials. Most media platforms refer to the group as “ISIL” or “ISIS,” which originates from the former terms: “Islamic State in Iraq and Syria” and “Islamic… Read More

The aftermath for American Muslims after Brussels attacks

Over 30 people were killed and 200 wounded following the terrorist attacks in Brussels, Belgium last month. The violent events shocked the people of the United States, bringing not only fear to the public, but also additional discrimination against Muslim communities.   Over 60 percent of American Muslims have faced some kind of discrimination in… Read More

Reactions to North Carolina’s anti-LGBT Bill

North Carolina recently passed a bill that openly discriminates against the LGBT community. Also known as the “Bathroom Bill,” House Bill 2 was signed into action by Gov. Pat McCrory. It prevents local North Carolina governments from passing their own anti-discrimination measures. Specifically, the bill bans transgender individuals from using the bathroom in which they… Read More

Trump suggests punishments for abortion

Close up image of Donald Trump

Last week, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews asked Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump if a woman should face criminal punishment if she has a banned abortion. After being continuously pressed on the subject, Trump’s shocking response perfectly exemplified his “pro-life” views.   The Republican candidate believes that women should face some kind of punishment if they have… Read More

Hillary Clinton’s response to contributions from fossil fuel industry

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has allegedly been taking contributions from lobbyists associated with the fossil fuel industry. Despite Clinton’s outward disapproval and acknowledgment of climate change, she still takes support from individuals who sell, or have sold, their services to fossil fuel companies. This is deeply hurting the legitimacy of her pro-environmental policies, causing… Read More

Senegal says no to the president for life trend

On Sunday March 20, the Senegalese voted on a referendum proposed by President Macky Sall. While the referendum covered varied points in reinforcing citizen’s and opposition rights as well as legislative and judiciary powers, the most reported aspect of it is the shorter presidential terms. During his campaign prior to his presidency, President Sall promised… Read More

Brazil’s political explosion reaches boiling point

With the abundance of occurring conflicts and events surrounding the people of the United States, it is difficult to acknowledge current conflicts at a global scale. The rest of the world continues to experience their own battles. In Brazil, they’re struggling to fight the corruption and destruction of their present government.     Brazil is… Read More

Jill Stein working with Bernie Sanders for presidential bid?

Dr. Jill Stein, who is running in the presidential race for the Green Party nomination, has proven to share many beliefs with Democratic candidate, Bernie Sanders. Stein strives to get big money out of politics and is for the halt of weapons being sent to the Middle East. She also proposed a “Green New Deal”… Read More