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Josh Green is a sports marketing and communications executive and a former television sports reporter. He graduated from Stanford University, where he holds the rare distinction of disappointing his professors, advisors and classmates alike with his career choices. Born and bred in Boston, Josh is now a seasoned New Yorker and enjoys everything about his adopted hometown – except for its sports teams. Go SoxPatsCeltsBruins! Also, he thinks puppies are kind of annoying. Follow Josh on twitter @endbadly.

Up north and on top of the world: FIFA 2015 Women’s World Cup preview

Members of the United States Women's National Team singing the National Anthem before a soccer match.

Sepp Blatter’s international nightmare is just beginning, and we couldn’t be happier. If there’s one thing that irks Blatter more than being exposed as an incorrigible paragon of corruption, it’s being compelled to pay attention to the FIFA Women’s World Cup, an event that he has treated derisively and dismissively. As the US Women’s National… Read More

NCAA men’s final four: Can Kentucky cut down the nets?

Around this time every year, we ask ourselves what we want from our champions. Dominance, vulnerability, freakish talent, scrappiness, quiet confidence, loud bravado, out-of-nowhere Cinderella surprise? We’ve seen all of the above in the NCAA Basketball tournament over the years, and depending on the personalities and institutions involved, we have rooted for and against those… Read More

Countdown to Super Bowl 49: Four PR lessons we can all learn from deflategate

There is still a football game to be played, right? The national obsession with inflation levels of the New England Patriots’ footballs, and the presumed scandal contained therein, have reached epic levels of mockery and have made it feel unseemly to talk about the actual on-field match-up of Super Bowl XLIX. However, one thing we… Read More